Taking prescription medication after DS

on 9/4/20 6:15 pm

Are there any issues with taking prescription medications after Duodenal Switch?

on 9/4/20 10:03 pm - Nashville, TN
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On September 5, 2020 at 1:15 AM Pacific Time, Umpiregator wrote:

Are there any issues with taking prescription medications after Duodenal Switch?

it really depends on the medication. I have only had trouble absorbing my thyroid supplement.

Dosed according to my lab work, I have to take about three times as much than what my weight would indicate I need.

I don't take many other RX drugs but I absorb the others ok.




on 9/5/20 10:57 am

Thank you!

on 9/16/20 8:23 am - Parma, OH
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Just goes to show that everyone is different. I've never had problems with any of my meds including my thyroid medication.

From past posts I've seen there are several classes of drugs that might require added attention to make sure they are delivering the effect your Doc wants. Extended release of anything can be hit or miss, and anti-depressants seem to be an issue for some people.

Bottom line, if it is new, warn your Doc that it may need to be checked. If it is something your Doc checks via a blood test you should ask for one sooner rather than later to double check. Some tests like that for me the Docs only check once a year but post DS they may want to schedule the first one sooner.


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on 9/20/20 3:16 pm

The old saying...."you are what you eat" is incorrect" ....."you are what you absorb"

Because the intestinal bypass is too great, the body can not ever absorb as it did before surgery. Everything we put in our mouth has a potential of being malabsorbed, including RXs. Some RXs are well known (ie Vit D2 as it is RX in oil formulation and we malabsorb that at about 85%). I had a thyroidectomy after my DS, I don't malabsorb my thyroid RX, but that too is dependent on many factors....are you on T4 only monotherapy? Do you take the one that is know to have the least amount of absorption issues? Extended release due to the longer time in the intestinal tract for a DSer most likely would cause issues with absorption as it would potenitally be expelled before the RX was absorbed due to the short lenght of the small bowel. If you are taking something that is ER then more would have to be used (ie K citrate only comes in ER)

Everything you take via your mouth should be evaluated......RX or OTC, supplements etc.....

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on 9/24/20 10:15 am

Very well put. and your opening statement is absolutely correct... I will have to remember this!

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