Starting a Zoom Weekly Support Group

on 11/15/20 8:51 pm

Hi All,

Since the pandemic I have been using Zoom frequently. It's been great because you can get several people from different parts of the country all together over the computer. Anyway, all this made me think to see if anyone out there would be interested in having a weekly structured meeting/support group for those who have, or are serious considering the DS. Just trying to get a feel to see if anyone is interested. Thanks!

White Dove
on 11/16/20 7:02 am

I am interested and will join in Zoom meetings.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 11/16/20 3:49 pm

I am interested in weekly zoom meetings! New to this group, DS June 9, 2020.


White Dove
on 11/16/20 6:51 pm

Please post this on the RNY and Bariatric Surgery Discussion boards.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

Janet P.
on 11/17/20 9:22 am

I would participate - as a vet (I'm 18 years post-op DS).

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 11/18/20 8:59 am

This is great! Happy to hear from you all!

I was thinking either Wednesday or Monday 1pm Pacific Standard time, or alternatively, we could do weekends if it is better for the group. We could do Saturday or Sunday at 10am or 11am PST if that works? Please feel free to provide some feedback, once we have a time set up and our Zoom account going, I will post in the RNY/Bariatric group as well.

My hope is we have a weekly one-hour meeting that is structured. I can write up a format so we have a good flow if you all like. I go to a several weekly structured meetings so I was thinking that we could use something similar as our format.

Thanks again ladies, please let me know if anyone has conflict with time or preferences. My hope is between the 4 of us women, we agree on a time that works best, then I will set up a Zoom account and we can announce it to the other boards.

Have a good day everyone.

on 11/21/20 8:46 am, edited 11/21/20 12:46 am
RNY on 01/01/14

One PM is not good for me because I am delivering a home cooked meal to my Covid quarantined Parents exactly then.

When I arrive we eat.

So I hope you'll choose the weekend . Eleven would be ideal for me but 10:30 works too ( I swim early in the morning then shower )

on 11/29/20 12:26 am

Thanks Veggiewomen, and thanks everyone for your feedback as well.

Thinking weekends would be best too, Saturday at 11am sounds about right. I will post in the RNY section and plan on setting up something via Zoom and creating a format as well, aiming for the beginning of next year.

By the way, tinabee, love you on YouTube!

on 12/4/20 7:30 am

Yes please. 2 months from my revision from VSG to Duodenal Switch

on 12/4/20 8:15 am

Oh wow! I am scheduled for VSG to DS this Monday, nice to meet you Plentyofbugs01!

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