6 Year SADI DS Update

on 11/21/20 9:35 pm

I had the SADI-DS in Nov 2014 after initially signing up for the lap band. I wanted to eat normally, lose all the weight, and not regain it. I eventually ended up with Mitch Roslin in NYC which I consider one of the better strokes of luck in my adult life. I lost every once of fat on my body (152lbs) and slowly regained about 25lbs.

My stats:

  • Male - 6'1 and 162lbs currently, Surgery Age = 54, Next month = 60, Regain = 25lbs
  • Typical day = 3k+ calories, 350 grams carbs, heavy protein and fiber (fruit)


  • Very lean build and stable for 3 past years.
  • Vitamins are minimum hassle once a day (Calcium, A, E, D, Centrum Complete)
  • I can eat absolutely any amount of food and anything over 2k calories goes out thru bathroom.
  • It took a couple of years but I can work out daily at a high level, and I do.


  • Overindulging in food leads to gas and excess fat.
  • I know way more than I should about undigested fat processing thru the human body.
  • I'm confident as I grew older, the effects of malabsorption will take it's toll on my body.

Overall, I'm very grateful for the wls and the chance to get much healthier. I never expected to be as thin or fit as I am at 60, but I know I'm still carrying the baggage and problems that made me fat originally. I just have to face them head on now instead of trying to eat them.

on 11/22/20 11:51 am, edited 11/22/20 3:52 am

You are extremely fortunate to be able to eat carbs like that at 6 years out. Very different from most of us but men are always better at weight loss than women! 350 carbs is more than I eat on a cheat day! I can't even LOOK at that many carbs without gaining. Maybe it's your activity level.

I do have a question. You remarked that malabsorbtion will take it's toll on your body as you age. Curious. Why do you feel that way? Thanks!

Congratulations on 6 years!

on 11/22/20 10:24 pm

Thanks Patty. The eating any amount of food is not unique to me or men. I've seen both men and woman on this site with similar experience after the DS. I still need to be accountable for not over eating, but it's for reasons other than weight regain.

I think the malabsorption creates an imbalance in all of us that's well worthwhile but does have side effects vitamins can't overcome. I also believe we're at higher risk for various types of cancer but also offset by other risks we eliminate. I've pushed these questions to my doctor and another WLS surgeon. They both say it's possible but no studies to quantify.

on 11/23/20 10:58 am

Thanks for your reply. I often wonder about this as well. I will be 20 years postop soon. I am older than you and so far I am in better shape than most of my peers. No meds/no walkers/canes. No broken bones. I can still run and do anything I could do at 20. Still can't do squats but I couldn't do them at 20 either...

I do have some dental problems and I could blame those on my DS except both my parents and all my grands had NO teeth by the time they were my age. I think my problem is genetics, not surgery.

I just compare myself to others in my age group and so far so good. When I see all the crappy food most of my peers eat, it makes me hope that makes up for whatever ill effects there may be from the malabsorbtion. And like you said, no long term studies or real information available so it's a best guess scenario.

on 11/23/20 8:24 pm

We're definitely thinking about this in the same context. I know my day will come eventually but between now and then I want to defy stereotypes about things people in my age group can do.

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