Hiatal Hernia, Considering DS

on 2/11/21 3:50 pm - San Jose, CA


Posted in the VSG section, but thought I'd post here too....

A year ago I posted that I was having issues with consuming proteins, 12 years after my VSG. After many tries to figure out what's happening, we discovered ulcers in my stomach and esophagus. After a recheck, new discovery of a hiatal hernia (small, but I am feeling so many symptoms from it now). 13 years out, and I'm hearing that I don't have enough of a stomach from my sleeve to repair the hernia, and I should consider the DS. Anyone else experience this? I suppose the bonus is I could lose more weight (initially dropped around 90 lbs, but have gained back 40 in recent years no matter what I did to keep it from happening). Wondering if anyone else out there has battled further, experienced difficulties and now looking at another form of bariatric surgery to help fix things.


Janet P.
on 2/15/21 8:09 am

Not sure I understand what you're asking. The VSG is the first part of the DS (the sleeve). If they can't repair the hernia because you don't have enough of a stomach from the sleeve what would they do? Also concerned about your statement about issues consuming proteins. What is causing that issue? How would giving you the DS solve that problem.

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Hazem Elariny

on 2/28/21 7:06 pm
DS on 02/18/21

I had revision to DS for HH, but ended up not having a large enough HH to repair. The DS will be great for my GERD. I would also be concerned about proteins. If you struggle now, DS will further that problem?

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