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Hi I had RNY surgery about 9 years ago and have been steadily gaining g for the past 5 years. My current weight is 246 and my height is 5'5. I'm looking into Dr. Alejandro Lopez at ALO bariatrics in Tijuana but am first trying for insurance approval thru Dr. Keshisheian. Does anyone know if you have to have a functioning stomach for the DS revision? My surgeon ran into complications and told me I no longer have a stomach just a pouch. Any body heard of this?

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it's a very complicated surgery that only a few surgeons are qualified to do. Dr. Keshishian is one of them. I don't know about Dr. Lopez, so be sure to do your research. As I understand it, they do a complete reversal of your RNY, then sleeve your stomach, then do the intestinal bypass part.

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Thanks for your response!

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I think that this all depends upon what your original surgeon meant by "no longer have a stomach just a pouch". A nominal RNY can be said to not have a functioning stomach, as the pouch is more of a flaccid funnel between the esophagus and intestine with a bit of restriction via the stoma to slow the food flow into the intestine, but it lacks a lot of the function of a normal stomach (hence the alternate term of a "gastric bypass". The remaining functioning stomach is left aside and sewn shut but is otherwise intact but non-functional. If that is what he meant, then you should be good to go to revise it to a DS.

If, however, he removed the entire remaining stomach, which happens occasionally, then there isn't anything left to restore the original stomach configuration to sleeve for the DS. Some other configuration may be possible, such as a distal, or long limb. RNY. Dr. K would certainly be able to tell you what is appropriate for your needs with what you currently have in you. If you have, or can get a copy of the surgical report on your original procedure, that would document exactly what was done; they are commonly available from the surgeon or hospital if done in the US, though not sure about if it was done in Mexico. That would save some scanning/probing to find out what you actually have.

Good luck, Dr. K is great to work with

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Thank you so much!!

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