12 years Post DS, Colonoscopy Prep

Angelina H.
on 3/24/21 2:20 pm

Team - Help and sorry in advance for the TMI

Colonoscopy scheduled for tomorrow. Prep is 12 noon 10oz of Magnesium Citrate which is a saline laxative. The only choice I had was lemon flavored and it is really sour but it is also very fizzy.

I need to do this again at 3pm and at 3:30 take (4) Ducolax tabs.

When I drank the first 10 oz at noon, I got it down no problem but within 5 minutes, my stomach was soooo nauseousness and was cold and dizzy for like about another 5 minutes. The cold passed and it took an hour to not feel the nausea.

Speaking to my Mother and a few friends that have had this procedure, it did not effect them this way at all.

Thoughts? Experiences? Maybe it was the fizziness of it or the really sour flavor?

Janet P.
on 3/25/21 2:45 am

I've used the liquid mag citrate and it's possible there is enough sugar to affect you the way you described. Never had your experience but we're all different.

I just picked up my prep kit for my colonoscopy which is scheduled in a couple of weeks - my doctor uses a powder that mixes into anything I want - so I'll use crystal lite.

Good luck today.

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
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