on 3/29/21 8:32 am

Hello friends,

I had my DS surgery October 26, 2012 and there are times when oil drips out of me uncontrollably. Has this happened to anyone here?

thanks, Esther

on 3/29/21 11:02 am - Atlanta, GA

If you are referring to oil slicks, that has happen to me when I eat something that really fatty like ox tails or something to that effect. Or if I had a lot of red sauce.

on 3/29/21 11:52 am

Mine was more then oil slicks, it was like having a menstral period only oil. It was for a week and then stopped.

thanks for responding.

on 3/30/21 8:04 pm

It's undigested fat that happens if you eat too much fat. For me cheese and ice cream are the usual culprits. I eat both everyday but I'd I OD, the oil slicks kick in.

on 4/5/21 4:05 am

I get that when I eat too much fat and also...red sauce

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