6 weeks - weight still not budging :(

on 4/5/21 9:39 am

I don't know what to do. I am so tired, so frustrated. I am eating right, I am exercising, I am taking my vitamins.

I haven't budged since week 1.

I don't what to they can do, what I can do. I am so sad. This felt like my last chance. It doesn't get much more extreme than a DS. It was such a hard decision to make.

Janet P.
on 4/5/21 11:44 am

The site says you had your DS on New Years Day. You say you're eating right and exercising and taking your vitamins but you haven't lost one ounce.

May I ask what are you eating? What kind of exercise are you doing? How much water are you drinking per day?

Were you a "virgin" DS or was your DS a revision from another type of WLS?

Would like to offer help but need more information.

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 4/5/21 12:20 pm

I drink tons of water.

My surgery was Feb 25. I just put random info in my profile.

I started at about 309 on surgery day. Got done to 299 after a week. Bounced back up to 301. and am hovering there. going on 5 weeks.

I am following the high fat/high protein/with carbs that the nutrionist told me to follow.

I had a sleeve in December 2016. DS in Feb 2021

on 4/27/21 3:22 pm

I had a different surgery, mine included...a multiple hernia repairs, RNY, and boweland partial colon removal resections,.My gastric pouch remains at 4-6 oz capacity 25+ years after surgery...just fyi...

.If what i was doing was not working.I would change what I am doing.. To keep on doing the same and expecting a different result never works out well.

I don't know what guidelines you were given...but this would be what I would TRY. I would stick to this for 3 weeks , monitor results bi-weekly- and see if it helps.. it took time to gain weight. It will take time and dedication to loose it. You can do this.

I would reduce total carbs for a DAY to 25 -40 max

.I would increase protein to 90-100grams per day..morning high protein sets up for a day w/o as much hunger.

I would avoid all artificial sweeteners. They will increase appetite. for some people. i made the change to Pyure Stevia. in research of the company and methods i found this. I am not associated with them in any way except as a consumer. they grow/harvest one variety that was selected to limit bitterness of some varieties.They have a patented extraction process.

relax... stress increases your cortizol levels and will block weight loss.

I would use filtered water only..No flavored waters unless lemon water wth NO sweetner.Could also use a slice of Orange or lime- if you prefer. Lemon has been proven to assist with weight loss. My daughter has used it for several months and has been a slow loss..( she had no surgery and began well north of where your weight is now..)

You did not mention exercise..You need to get some kind of routine to get your metabolism up in the morning and keep up for the evening..

I do a short walk... with animal care in mornings.. and in afternoons another round... as i get ready for bed before i pull up the covers i do Isometrics from toes up to top of head... .To do these. i get comfortable laying down and begin with tightening muscles of feet and ankles.. I hold those..for a count of...5, repeat 3 times to start.. relax and tighten these muscles slowly... and work up with each set of muscles..

i do lower legs, then upper.. then abdominal and pelvic... upper arms. w/ chest.. and neck and head together.. This tip was one of last tips my nutritionist gave me.. within a few months of my surgery.. When i get to a place and need an etra push for weight loss i use these tips and they help me..

Do not be discouraged. Your surgeon gave you a tool, to assist you. Now is time for you to use that tool to your best advantage. You can get to your goal. YOU are Worth it..

on 4/5/21 12:15 pm

DS doesn't work like that. You probably lost 20+ quickly and were hoping for 80 to 100 by now. If you lost 20 in 3 months, that will become 80+ over a year. Just give it time.

If you had a DS and lost no weight, you'd be the first person and doctor owes a refund for incompetence.

on 4/5/21 12:24 pm

I lost 9 lbs. Nothing since :(

on 4/5/21 9:02 pm

Did you get a real DS or something else? What is your CC?

How many carbs per day are you eating? If I want to lose I have to stay around 20 per day.

on 4/5/21 9:42 pm - Nashville, TN
Revision on 03/18/15
On April 5, 2021 at 4:39 PM Pacific Time, Beanald wrote:

I don't know what to do. I am so tired, so frustrated. I am eating right, I am exercising, I am taking my vitamins.

I haven't budged since week 1.

I don't what to they can do, what I can do. I am so sad. This felt like my last chance. It doesn't get much more extreme than a DS. It was such a hard decision to make.

if you are eating carbs you likely won't lose. We absorb carbs 100%. Are you eating 100+ gm of dense protein a day?
how many calories? Many of us have to be 600-700 cals to lose. Any more snd we only maintain.
what does a days menu look like for you?




on 4/6/21 1:16 am
DS on 02/24/21

I'm so sorry you're going through such a long stall. I do have some questions for you. I did my Traditional DS on Feb 24th. I did have a 2.5 week stall but I am back to losing again. Stalls are very normal. I started at 300lbs, 290 Day of Surgery and now I'm 268. ( -32lb So Far)

  1. Did you do the Traditional DS or the Modified DS like the SADI?

2. What type of carbs are you eating and are you eating more than 20 carbs daily?

3. How many calories are you doing daily? I don't do more than 800-1000 calories daily.

4. Are you doing at least 80g of Protein daily and drinking lots of water?

5. Did you request a Medical Report of your surgery, if not make sure you do so that way you know exactly what was done to you and make sure you talk to your Surgeon about this long stall. I've never heard of one this long at the very beginning. The most I've read is 3 weeks after Month 1 of Surgery.

Janet P.
on 4/6/21 3:27 am, edited 4/5/21 8:28 pm

This helps explain things but I've seen this over and over when the DS is done in two stages.

Did they re-sleeve you? For those of us who had the "virgin" DS we had to gradually build up protein (30 grams by 30 days post-op, 60 grams by 60 days, 90 grams by 90 days). Not sure how much protein you're trying to take in. If you weren't re-sleeved, you're relying 100% on the switch now - the DS is a balance of restriction at the beginning and then the switch is what keeps the weight off long-term.

When it comes to carbs, you're still absorbing 100% of the carbs and that's what will help drive weight loss with the switch done as the second part. Not sure what your nutritionist told you, but I would suggest less than 20 grams of carbs per day.

In all of my years on this board, it's common that when the DS is done in two parts the loss is always much slower and generally not as much as when the DS is done initially.

Don't give up and focus on low carb.

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

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