DS/VSG Surgeons in Colombia

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Have a question relating to Colombia surgeons. I found out the other day that the daughter-in-law of a friend of mine is going to be flying to Colombia (don't know which city) next week for apparently a revision from an unsuccessful RNY a few years ago to either a DS or V.S.G. (not sure which). Although she has health ins. here (she is an RN), supposedly her ins. would not cover it (or they would if she kicked in $25K or so of her own money, per her MIL) so she is going there and having it performed for $8K U.S. cash. That revision is even cheaper than my original DS in Brazil was 14 years ago ($10K)! I was not aware of any DS or VSG surgeons in Colombia that cater to U.S. patients, let alone ones that do revisions, and that price just seems too good to be true. Does anyone know of any? I hope she has not been suckered into something that may end up not boding well for her ...

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