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on 5/31/21 8:06 pm - Chicago, IL

I have gained almost 25lbs in the past 2 months. I'm eating out of boredom and depression. So I've decided to just eat chicken breast, tilapia and pork chops all grilled in my air fryer so no oil. I'm also going to have 1 or 2 chocolate/ banana shakes a day made with Muscle Milk so more protein. And lots of water. Does this sound like a good workable plan? Comments please.




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How much should I be able to lose & how fast?




on 6/1/21 11:50 am

I would buy some keto sticks at the pharmacy. Cut them in half, lengthwise so you double the number of tests. Test your urine daily and make sure you are in ketosis. If you are not, dump the bananas. Make some hard boiled eggs for snacks. Just keep them in the fridge.

A 10oz bottle of Muscle milk is only 18gr protein. But there are different kinds with different counts. I think the Fairlife shakes taste a lot better plus they are 30 gr protein. You might want to try them!

You will drop the weight quickly. In a month or 2 if this is truly all you eat!

on 6/8/21 2:27 am

Great info, is Fairlife lactose intolerant?

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on 6/1/21 11:53 am - Warren, OH

Most people lost one to two pounds a week. If you stick to your diet, you could drop 25 pounds in about three months. The real secret of weight loss is lowering calories. So weigh and measure everything and track it somewhere like MyFitnessPal. You need 10 calories per day for every pound you maintain. To maintain 150, eat 1500. To maintain 200, eat 2000.

To lose one pound per week, cut out 3500 calories. That is is 500 per day.

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Janet P.
on 6/7/21 10:53 am

It's a plan but not a very DS friendly plan. Eating lean, low-fat foods is not how someone with a DS will lose weight (at least not in my experience).

Did you look at what you were eating over the last 2 months to have gained 25 pounds? It's all about going back to the basics (for the DS). Keep a food diary. High protein (at least 125 grams) and low carb (20 grams) plus lots of water (at least a gallon).

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on 8/3/21 5:39 pm - Atlanta, GA

I had gained about 30lbs about 3yrs after after I got married (6 yrs after my DS). I went with the Weight Loss Surgery Success ladies who have a back on track program which was an even stricter version of Keto, but I had never heard of Keto at the time and it was several months before the craze hit. I lost 10lbs in 2 weeks and ultimately lost 30 lbs. in about 6 wks. we could not eat any sugar or sweeteners of any kind, extremely low carb to the degree that there were only a few mostly veggie things you could eat. No fruit except lemon juice. You were only supposed to do it for 14 days, and when I researched it and realized that Keto was similar, I ate Keto for about a year. Now I would say I eat a low carb, high protein diet. I count carbs, not calories and try to stay around 50 carbs per day, and I have maintained my weight much more easily for the past 4 yrs. It is really mainly how the dietitian told us to eat for DS, high protein, low carb. And the really hard part at the beginning, is quitting sugar. I strictly use a product called Monksweet plus which is monk fruit and erythritol.


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I don?t have a DS - I?m a long term successful RNYer .

That said I?ve never seen anyone fail on the actors / models diet - lean protein , fresh vegetables cooked simply and without fat , salad w fat free dressing and some fruit and NOTHING else ( particularly alcohol, bread, pasta, butter oils or nuts nor rice ) ( the thing I miss most is BEANS lol)

A daily personal trainer really helps too if you can afford it and want training of course - and lots of water ice tea or sf lemonade . You can?t lose weight dehydrated- your body simply won?t let the fat go.

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