NOT feeling alcohol after Duodenal Switch

on 7/2/21 3:53 pm

Hi everyone,

I am very confused, I keep reading that bariatric patients should feel alcohol quicker than people without surgery, but in my case, it's the opposite.

I had surgery 9 years ago, have mostly abstained from alcohol until 2 months ago, and I only felt it once so far.

The only time I felt it was just the hangover, I never felt drunk, and the other times, in spite of having not built any tolerance to alcohol, I haven't felt it at all.

I'm a little worried about that. I've also noticed that I don't absorb my medication, like calcium, potassium, etc.

So does anyone have a clue what's wrong? I can't ask my surgeon because I changed countries, and no surgeon agreed to see me here, since I already had surgery, and the one who operated on me wont respond.

I hope someone can help,
Thank you

White Dove
on 7/4/21 3:39 pm - Warren, OH

You don't need a bariatric surgeon. Any doctor can run blood tests and recommend supplements. If you don't feel the effects of alcohols at this point, the sleeve part of your DS may have stretched out enough and given you a big enough stomach so the alcohol does not affect you as much as someone with a small sleeve or pouch. Or the original surgeon may have created a large sleeve as part of your DS. Your family doctor should be able to recommend someone who can check the size of your sleeve.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 7/5/21 2:24 am


I'm pretty sure the sleeve part is stretched out,

I actually had a 1st VSG in 2009,which was made too large.

I had the DS in 2012, they didn't touch the sleeve part.

However, I had another VSG in 2014 to make it narrower.

I have had blood tests that have recently shown that I malabsorb more (several medications taken orally show less in my blood now, plus lower nutrients/vitamins for the same amount taken in orally).

I wonder if there's something making me malabsorb alcohol also, as it does my oral meds.

It seems weird though, since, as you said, at this point, I should be absorbing more (and clearly, I have been able to eat almost normal portions of food for years),

So I'm still confused with this phenomenon of not feeling the effects of alcohol

White Dove
on 7/5/21 5:26 am - Warren, OH

Individual responses to what we eat and drink sometimes seem to be a mystery. I had problems "holding my liquor" before surgery and now can rarely handle more than one drink. Others seem to be able to drink a lot both before and after surgery.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 7/5/21 8:37 pm

Just thinking with my fingers... consider.. do you have frequent gastritis? diarrhea or constipation? Do you have any idea how long it takes a food to move thru you...Is it possible you are not holding food long enough to absorb.?

Malabsorb problems are often multiple issues. each one is specific to the individual response.If you tolerate "flavors" and liquid supplements- a mineral colloidal may be the answer for absorption. In general change to citrate forms of calcium and magnesium. consider adding K2, it is the bodys mineral mover... the research showed it is impossible for the normal person to get enough in a diet alone..that did not include ppl with surgery on intestinal tract.