Copper low and going lower on 150mg elemental from copper bisglycinate chelate

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I am taking 30 tablets (5mg elemental copper each) in the morning on an empty stomach with a couple quarts of water, four hours before taking any other supplements. Six months ago my level was .65, three months ago it was .67 and last Friday it was .62. It's been in this range since Dec. 2020. Normal range is .80 to 1.75.

I'm not sure what long-term effects sending 150 mg of copper through my tract is having long-term. Also, I'd like to get up into the normal range. But upping my intake by 50% three months ago resulted in no increase--it decreased slightly.

My DS was done in 2010 by Dr. Daniel B. Leslie, MD. My copper has bounced in and out of the normal range but averaged higher than it has been lately.

I can get an infusion if necessary, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of a different form of copper to take. I tried the gluconate powder from Bulk Supplements but it didn't help, and it made me nauseous (taking ginger powder with it mitigated this slightly.)

Has anyone else here struggled to get their copper levels up?

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I made mistakes. I'm taking 30 tablets, not 20. I don't know why the last half of my message is in bold. And I meant eleven thousand percent of the RDA, not eleven thousand times the RDA.