DS in Florida

on 10/25/21 7:12 pm

Hi everyone

I know in the past there haven't been many DS surgeons in Florida but now I am seeing some advertise they do it. Anyone have a recommendation? I'm in the Tampa area. Has anyone heard of Drs. Murr, Taggar, or Morgan? They all list DS. I will look into them more but thought I'd solicit word of mouth advice too.
thanks everyone

on 10/28/21 11:11 am

If you want a traditional DS you have to be careful. Many are now doing SIPS/SADI/LOOP and calling it a DS. A true original DS has 2 intestinal anastomoses not one. Just make sure you get what you want!

on 11/3/21 2:51 pm

After reading, I would only do original DS.

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