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on 10/25/21 7:12 pm

Hi everyone

I know in the past there haven't been many DS surgeons in Florida but now I am seeing some advertise they do it. Anyone have a recommendation? I'm in the Tampa area. Has anyone heard of Drs. Murr, Taggar, or Morgan? They all list DS. I will look into them more but thought I'd solicit word of mouth advice too.
thanks everyone

on 10/28/21 11:11 am

If you want a traditional DS you have to be careful. Many are now doing SIPS/SADI/LOOP and calling it a DS. A true original DS has 2 intestinal anastomoses not one. Just make sure you get what you want!

on 11/3/21 2:51 pm

After reading, I would only do original DS.

on 1/6/22 9:16 pm
DS on 02/13/12

Hi there - I actually had a revision surgery to my DS in Celebration, FL in 2018. I had a great doctor, Dr. Dennis Smith. At the time I lived in Sarasota, so it was quite a trip...but so worth it. If you haven't already found a doctor, you could give him a try!

on 1/17/22 4:10 pm
VSG on 09/30/15

Hi! I'm going through the process of having the sleeve conversion to DS with Dr Smith. When I got my sleeve done I lived in Tampa. Had I done my research, I would've made the trip to Dr Smith & wouldn't be having a 2nd surgery. I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. How has your weight loss been since the conversion?

on 1/17/22 8:14 pm
DS on 02/13/12

Actually, my DS surgery was originally in 2012 in CA with Dr Keshishian - so I'm nearly 10 years out already! My weight loss was great - although I was a 'lightweight,' as they call it. At 5'1" I was 185, so I didn't meet the criteria for insurance coverage, but really wanted it because I have a metabolic disorder. Fortunately, my mother helped me pay for it. I got nearly to my goal of 140. (I was 58 at the time of my original surgery.)

Seven years later, my weight began to creep up to 165. I could eat a lot and knew something wasn't right. Since I was in FL then, I met with Dr Smith and he ordered tests which showed that my sleeve was way too big - either it had stretched or my original surgery left too large a sleeve. So, in April 2019, he did a revision of my sleeve. After that, I reached my goal of 140 and have kept it there ever since! I have found a little extra fat helps me look a little younger. :-)

The duodenal switch part of the surgery is the most effective - just make sure you take all the vitamins/supplements because it is easy to become deficient. I'm deficient in copper and have to take 8mg a day. Also, make sure you eat plenty of protein. Carbs will always be your enemy - even more so, refined carbs (white bread, pastry dough etc) because it will give you horrible gas issues! Follow the ds forums wherever you can - I learned more from them than I did the surgeon or the nutritionist!

All that being said, Dr. Smith was great - very kind and his staff is supportive.

I wish you well! Please keep in touch and let me know how you're doing.


on 1/17/22 8:26 pm
VSG on 09/30/15

French fries & white bread are my weaknesses, but I don't want to deal with horrible gas so I'll have to let them go! Lol

Thanks for the well wishes! I'll definitely stay in touch. ?

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