Changing Surgeons after insurance approval

on 1/2/22 4:14 pm
DS on 01/05/22

I have Aetna POS Choice insurance .
My surgery was scheduled for 1/5/22 for a revision from VSG to Sadi however I received the most devastating call 12/30/21 where I was advised my operation was cancelled and placed on hold due to COV19 spike cases at the hospital I was going to have my procedure done . I was advised by the coordinator it could be an approx 6-8 weeks wait for a new date .

After the tears I immediately began to be proactive trying to find an alternative. Since that day I contacted my initial surgeon from VSG and scheduled a consultation. Has this ever happened to someone changing surgeons late in the game ?

what I'm hoping happens is my approved

pre authorization is transferred and I'm able to schedule a surgery date .
BTW : my previous surgeon is in another state that doesn't have an executive to temporarily

cancel elective surgery.

on 1/4/22 4:23 am - Putnam, CT
Revision on 02/04/15

If that hospital placed a hold I would have to bet that others are doing the same. WLS is considered an elective surgery and many hospitals are putting surgeries like WLS and other non important surgeries on hold until the Covid spike has gone back down.

Not sure if it is possible to switch surgeons without going through their protocol. Is your initial surgeon in the Aetna network?

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