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on 2/10/22 1:34 pm

Hi I'm new here. I tried to use the search but didn't find my question .... Which is I have had the sleeve and planning on possibly doing a DS my surgeon doesn't make the sleeve smaller which I do still have restriction I feel i just eat smaller portions but them and hungry sooner then when I ate large portions less often anyways my question is with those who did not have their sleeve size made smaller did you feel like you had the same amount of hunger still? Thx!!

on 2/12/22 11:51 am

The sleeve alone is just another diet with a smaller stomach. And this is why it doesn't work for many people. The DS adds the other component, malabsorbtion. This is why the DS works for most people. You don't have to starve to lose weight as long as you are eating the right things. Because you won't absorb a lot of the calories you eat.

Make sure you know what you are getting and you are OK with it. SADI/Loop/Traditional DS. What is your CC? If the surgeon is not doing what you want, find a different surgeon. Learn about all this stuff. Research, research, research.

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I got the DS back in 2007 and I am regretting it everyday. Right before my DS surgery I wanted to change and get the Sleeve done but my doctor only did his first Sleeve at the time about 2 weeks before mine and he said I would benefit better with the DS. So I got the DS done. Well right when they was getting me ready fir surgery the doctor was walking around me looking confused. I think he notice I was already nervous but the way he was passing back and forth was making me more nervous. Again I think he noticed and said to me don't worry I am just trying to decide how much of your intestines I am going to bypass. Well I was laying there thinking to myself that should of already been decided and I was really nervous to where the nurse who was getting me ready noticed my heart rating going up so they gave me something to Calm me down. Well fast forward I was no longer diabetic, I was taking off my high blood pressure medicine. But I was having problems with being Anaemic which my doctor told me not to worry about. I lost 143 pounds with in a year and other peoplethat had the surgery right before me and within a week after me didn't lose that much that quick. So every year I get my check up and all my vitamin levels are good but I was still Anaemic and my iron was good?. Well now my heart rate is low sometimes really low 38 to 40. Went to 2 heart specialist and they don't know why my heart rate is so low. Anyway I have been having bad bathroom issues sometimes ever since my surgery and the worst issue happens at night while I'm sleeping. I have a posting I put up on the DS form about it. No matter what I eat. I have a posting I put up on the DS form about it. I think my doctor bypassed to much of my Intestines because why would he be thinking on how much to bypass while they was getting me ready for surgery that should of already been thought out. Anyway I know I can't get the surgery reversed but I am hoping to find a doctor to somehow see if my doctor did bypass to much and I'm hoping they can go back in to maybe lengthen my intestines that he made shorter. Anyway like someone said look into it before you jump into the DS and please make sure you doctor already made a decision about how much to bypass way before your surgery. The chewable Vitamins are real expensive too. I would of rather lost the weight more slower than what I did and I think that I wouldn't have the problems i am having now. My Bariatric doctor retired but he was no help because everytime my other doctors told me to ask him a question he got real defensive and said that my problem wasn't from what he did in the surgery. Do yourself a favor Research Research Research!!! Good luck in what ever you decide to do. By the way I still get hungry about every 2 hours still but only eat smaller portions.

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on 3/29/22 8:14 am

well I had the Gastric Bypass. My beginning weight was 267lbs. i ONLY LOST 80LBS. in 2011, I gained 40lbs and could not get rid of it. Since the PANDEMIC, I gained a whopping 20 more lbs. I am so depressed. I need a REVISION!!! BADLY!!I DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK TO JOHN HOPKINS HOSPITAL. They screwed me over. I have BLUE CROSS/ BLUE SHIELD (PPO). I can go anywhere I want. I have real good insurance. That's why I looked into St. Agnes.

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on 4/2/22 5:36 am - Warren, OH

People who lose weight without surgery have about a 3% chance of losing more than 50 pounds and maintaining the loss. With surgery, that chance goes up to about 50%. The average weight loss with surgery (and people will tell you that there is no average weight loss and they are wrong) is about 100 pounds. Most gain back 20 pounds by the end of the third year. About 50% gain back 50 pounds by year five.

There are two ways to lose the weight and keep it off. You either become a very efficient dieter or a very motivated exerciser. Shop around for a revision surgeon if you want a revision. Ask to speak with the surgeon's long term revision patients. You will probably not be put in touch with any because average weight loss with a revision is 20 pounds. Some lose 30 pounds if they become devoted to diet and exercise.

Revision to a DS type of surgery can be more successful with weight loss, but can also leave you with a lot of bathroom issues to deal with. Do your research and be sure that you know what you are signing up for so you are not surprised for disappointed.

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