Iron Deficiency

on 3/17/22 10:09 am - GA

Hi. I had a BPD/DS in 2007. I'm now suffering from iron deficiency that gets better with infusions, but then falls again. I know this used to be quite a common problem with DS patients, but the forum I used to go to, no longer seems to exist. Does anyone have any experience, or advice on this issue?


White Dove
on 3/18/22 5:41 am - Warren, OH

When I had RNY in 2007, my iron was so high I did not take any tablets. Now I take Proferrin and get insfusions when it gets too low. I just accept that this is part of weight loss surgery and glad I have insurance and a doctor who makes sure I get an infusion when I need one.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 3/18/22 9:28 pm
DS on 10/25/17

It happened to me too - but the doctors discovered a non- cancerous growth in my uterus that they cleared out and ever since my iron has been within normal ranges.

stacy T.
on 5/1/22 2:57 pm - San Francisco, CA

My iron has shifted over the years. Pre DS I suffered from generic anemia occasionally. Post op I took oral supplements for a number of years and was fine. Then I wasn't. For 7 years I was on quarterly infusions, thankfully tolerated it well and was fine. Then the iron numbers crept up and I went off the infusions. Been on the Multi Gen breckenridge supplement for 10+ years and am fine, but I watch it. Take your iron and a vitamin c supplement all by it's self. No calcium in particular within 2 hours either side. Wa**** down with lots of water to aid absorption.

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