Iron Deficiency

on 3/17/22 10:09 am - GA

Hi. I had a BPD/DS in 2007. I'm now suffering from iron deficiency that gets better with infusions, but then falls again. I know this used to be quite a common problem with DS patients, but the forum I used to go to, no longer seems to exist. Does anyone have any experience, or advice on this issue?


White Dove
on 3/18/22 5:41 am - Warren, OH

When I had RNY in 2007, my iron was so high I did not take any tablets. Now I take Proferrin and get insfusions when it gets too low. I just accept that this is part of weight loss surgery and glad I have insurance and a doctor who makes sure I get an infusion when I need one.

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on 3/18/22 9:28 pm
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It happened to me too - but the doctors discovered a non- cancerous growth in my uterus that they cleared out and ever since my iron has been within normal ranges.

stacy T.
on 5/1/22 2:57 pm - San Francisco, CA

My iron has shifted over the years. Pre DS I suffered from generic anemia occasionally. Post op I took oral supplements for a number of years and was fine. Then I wasn't. For 7 years I was on quarterly infusions, thankfully tolerated it well and was fine. Then the iron numbers crept up and I went off the infusions. Been on the Multi Gen breckenridge supplement for 10+ years and am fine, but I watch it. Take your iron and a vitamin c supplement all by it's self. No calcium in particular within 2 hours either side. Wa**** down with lots of water to aid absorption.

on 5/19/22 10:21 pm - Chicago, IL

I had surgery in '06. For the last couple of years I've been getting iron infusions off and on. This is my fifth week this time around but my level is still going down. About a month ago I had a bone biopsy. My doctor says he can't figure out why my level isn't improving. Starting Monday I'm starting on shots instead. Anyone else having this problem?




on 6/3/22 7:18 am

Hello, I had DS in 2000 and my iron levels have been extremely low for many years. I have had several iron infusions over the years but more recently I started getting them yearly and now it seems I may them every six months. Oral iron has not worked for me.

on 7/4/22 4:35 pm - Spokane Valley, WA

I too had the DS in 2007 and I was feeling so crappy, turns out my ferritin was at 4 when they tested, I now get infusions when it drops too low. The only advice I have is to get in and have the infusions. I tried Proferrin and Hemaplex (but they do slow the time between infusions).

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