Internal Hernia

on 3/19/22 4:38 pm
DS on 10/18/12

Well after almost ten years post surgery I've had my first complication I had to have emergency surgery for an internal hernia. Has anyone on here experienced this I'm not going to lie the recovery has been pretty tough and I have a pretty big incision as he had to do an open surgery to repair the area the surgeon believes it was completely related to the duodenal switch

Any experiences would be helpful thank you I am concerned about having this now become a trend

on 3/20/22 8:28 am

Anyone can get a hernia. Having abdominal surgery makes it more likely. And they can recur as well. Give yourself lots of time to heal before you do anything strenuous.

I have one that needs to be fixed. I am tired of looking pregnant. Between that and the excess skin I am a train wreck. I put it off for a couple years because of COVID. I couldn't bring myself to be in a hospital. I think I have found the right surgeon and I just have to make myself do it now.

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