I finally decided what surgery I'm going to get.

on 9/15/22 1:15 pm - SUGAR LAND, TX

After doing some research on weight loss surgery and figure out what surgery was right for me i finally decided which one im going to have. At first i was going to pick gastric bypass surgery because my aunt had it done lose 160 lbs, but she told me bypass is not for everyone and since I have bigger bmi and weight over 500 lbs, She told i should do some research on Duodenal Switch. So i did my research on it and I said that's the surgery going to get my life back. So i hope soon or in future i will have surgery. Also any who DS surgery could you tell your experience with the surgery.

on 9/16/22 1:18 pm

Had mine about 20 years ago and there is nothing better available. Read and do a lot of research. Read old posts here till you can't take it anymore then start reading other sites as well. You can't be too informed. One thing you need to know right up front is there are quite a few look alike surgeries that surgeons will try to sell you as being just as good. And for some, they are. But you need the real thing to get the weight off and keep it off. Make sure you get the 2 anastomosis traditional DS. No look alikes. Ask your doc right up close and personal and if you don't get the right answer move on. Don't settle for less than you need.

on 9/17/22 8:50 am, edited 9/17/22 1:51 am

I had a proximal RNY but I was a lightweight and I had diabetes and severe GERD and my RNY / hiatal hernia repair is still working great for me 12 years post op .

That said I did a Lot of research into the REAL outcomes of the various options - how much weight the average recipient loses and keeps off, what kind of diet and vitamins they need to comply with forever and whether I could do that and be happy with that ?.

and yes I agree with the previous poster that if you like the post op DS diet ( and PLEASE post and lurk and ask questions on the DS forum every day)

and you think you can comply with the serious lifelong vitamin and blood level monitoring followup requirements ( and are physically healthy enough now to expect a good outcome surgically) the DS may be the best surgery for you .

((((()))))hugs and best wishes making your ideal choice !

on 9/18/22 10:48 pm

I had the SADi DS (Single Loop DS) about 8 years ago. It's been performed successfully for the past 14 years and most DS surgeons prefer it over the Hess DS due to lower surgical risks, fewer vitamins required and very similar weight loss to Hess DS. My surgery even now, eight years later will eliminate any amount of calories I eat over a normal days intake.

You won't get objective opinions on this forum since the majority of the posters are well intentioned but old school Hess DS with 10 to 20 year old surgeries. It's not a criticism but most struggle to keep the weight off. I have found the SADi to be 100% effective at dropping and keeping the weight off no matter what I eat or do.

It's worth at least asking your doctor about it given the numerous benefits of newer procedure options. If they are not familiar with all the WLS options, find another doctor. A real pro knows and can perform any of them.

Patty T.
on 9/20/22 4:14 pm - Boalsburg, PA

Thanks for your comments. I am comparing the Hess DS and the SADI as I move toward surgery.

on 9/22/22 11:53 pm

It's a no brainer to me but I'm limited to my own experience living with the SADi single loop DS for about 8 years as of next month. I was concerned about potential DS vitamin deficiency issues, but wanted to make sure I took off all the weight and kept it off. In the hands of a skilled surgeon, I think the SADi is the best option for most people which I also think experienced WLS surgeons will also tell you.

My experience is almost identical to all DS surgery patients with 2 exceptions, 1) I take about half as many vitamins, 2) I can eat anything, and I mean ANYTHING, and I do not gain weight. I pay with gas and bathroom trips for excess eating but not weight gain. I have to deal with all the other issues any DS patient goes through.


on 10/8/22 11:22 pm
DS on 09/14/21

Just about a year ago, I underwent the full on BPD/DS surgery with a great surgeon, Dr. Simper, Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians. I set three increasingly optimistic weight loss goals, as the weight fell off at an almost alarming rate. Within about 10 months of surgery, I hit the very lowest weight goal I had set, which was almost unimaginable. Having hit that goal, my focus now is to stay within +/- 5 pounds of goal, thus remaining at an entirely stable weight. It's easiest to continue to lose weight, whereas gaining weight is hard. To stay around the goal weight, I likely eat around 3,500 to 4,000 calories a day. It's not really possible to consume as many protein calories needed to maintain weight, and since we only process 20% of fat calories, that won't really get you there, either. Hence, sugar, taken in moderation, in between protein meals, seems to work best.

Recently, I had my annual cardiac doc physical and blood test. It was very humbling after all these years to see 100% of my tests reflect really a perfect or better score on all health metrics. The only one that I am off on is that I am little bit anemic, even with the vitamins. I have no symptoms from it, and expect that over time it will improve.

So, here's the upshot: If you are like me, you will be thrilled at your improved health and vitality. You will thrill at being able to buy clothes off the rack, and have them look REALLY good on you. Today I noticed that the world, and chairs, and car seats, and everything else got bigger over this last year. Everything fits comfortably. I've gone from a 5X to a medium and from a 46 inch waist to a 32" waist. It's truly a miracle. If you need to lose a lot of weight (like over a hundred pounds) and you don't want to suffer trying to keep it off, I think you will find the BPD/DS to be an amazing, life-changing, solution. Good luck!!

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