Five years out, rapidly gaining weight

on 9/27/22 11:00 pm
on 10/1/22 10:56 pm
on 10/4/22 10:06 am - Grand Rapids, MI 49504, USA, MI

Just stick to the basics.....high protein, high fat and low carb (between 30-50g). Get your 64 oz minimum of water in daily and add more movement/exercise. Don't forget your vitamins! It really does matter long term. I am 17 yrs postop and am constantly reminding myself of this. Restricting your eating may be the issues since you are still malabsorbing a lot. Post DS, your body will always need more calories and nutrients to function.

I was at 208 at my lowest...but due to life, some health issues and the covid pandemic....I did regain up to 279. Yikes!!! So I began working with a local bariatric practice (not the one who did my surgery) to get me back on track. I did food logs and a little therapy, but the best thing that really worked for me was the basics - just focusing on getting at least 150-200g of protein, over 100g of fat a day, and all my vitamins. I am down to 240 and while I still have more to go...I know I got this under control.

Do you happen to track your macros at all? Perhaps start by doing a 100% honest food matter what it is that you ingest, write it down or track it in an app. That way you can assess where your weak points/moments are and what you can do to address it in the future for long term success. :)

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on 10/10/22 6:23 pm

if you have changed nothing with your intake of food and exercise, I would run to the drs....something is wrong....but before doing that...I would journal all my food.....

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on 10/27/22 2:06 am

If nothing has changed, I'd bet its hormonal or thyroid.

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