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Would someone mind posting their labs after DS surgery? Do you have them every 6 months or yearly? I had it YEARS ago and honestly don't know which labs I should have done on a regular basis. The NP I go to doesn't always have me do the same ones. I'd like to take a list in to her and tell her "this is what is recommended".


Unfortunately the surgeon I had do the DS isn't in practice anymore, so I can't contact him.

Thank you in advance,


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Hi Bobbi,

One of the veterans can probably weigh in here since I know there have been comprehensive lists posted - they're just hard to search for and find if you aren't reading years of posts line by line like I was. I did find an article with the beginning of some lab work below, though it's missing some things I know I'm tested for (vitamins D, E, K, since they're fat soluble and regular A1C, etc.). There are probably more but I don't have a good tracking chart yet and am on mobile.

Here's the link to the OH article with some background, if it helps: orption-with-the-duodenal-switch-ds/

My clinic's plan is to have testing annually once I get to that point but with follow up as needed. I'm already learning from folks here that your mileage and needs may vary. I've also seen some VERY comprehensive blood panel lists from folks, which may also be driven by their history over time.

Hope this helps a bit, and that you find a doctor who you can work with!

Annual Lab Panel for a DS Patient

The annual lab panel for a DS patient may include the following and need to be discussed with their doctor.
Total Protein, Albumin- determines protein absorption
Complete Blood Count (CBC)- hematocrit, hemoglobin, (determine anemia), white blood count (WBC) infection
Kidney function, creatinine, potassium
Liver Function tests, cholesterol (LDL/HDL)
Vitamins: Vitamins A, B1, B3, B6, B12, Folate, D25-OH
Minerals: Calcium, Copper (Ceruloplasmin), Iron, Ferritin (Iron Stores), Magnesium, Phosphorous, Selenium, Zinc
Thyroid (TSH)

282 at referral, 280 at consult, 249 on 7/15 for SADI surgery

Loss: Pre-op-33, M1-12, M2-17, M3-14, M4-11, M5-14, M6-5

Today's weight: 170.8

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Here is a link to Rabkin's annual DS labsheet:

1st support group/seminar - 8/03 (has it been that long?)  

Wife's DS - 5/05 w Dr. Robert Rabkin   VSG on 5/9/11 by Dr. John Rabkin


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Is pretty much annual and you'll find a need to make modest adjustments almost every time. Early on for me, it was more Calcium Citrate, less Iron. Then more Zinc and Vitamin K. Then more D; wow it's even more K but everything else is ok.

You need a comprehensive blood panel every time and not every lab is capable to do all the tests, so verify in advance.

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