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on 3/1/21 7:03 pm
Topic: RE: Dr Lutrzykowski?

Hey all,

does anyone know if Dr L retired? I've tried to reach him with no luck.

on 3/1/21 6:58 pm
Topic: RE: Dr. Lutrzykowski's recommended bloodwork

I was trying to reach him, is he retired now? His number doesn't work anymore.

on 4/8/18 6:48 pm
Topic: RE: 11 years post op, regained after 2 years..where to go from here?

It has been years s8nce I've posted. I am 11 years post op, starting weight 305 lowest weight 190 achieved at 2 years post op, it didn't last long, regained around 90 pounds, lost and gained the same 40 pounds over the last 8 years. Done every eating plan, keto, lchf, if, my surgeon is willing to relseave me but I am hisitant, I still am convinced I didn't and don't malabsorb ... anyone else here been resleaved? I am now type 2 diabetic just diagnosed, have high blood pressure and cholesterol Prior to ds and still have it, I am now 50 and I am seriously scared about my health, I feel time is running out.. looking for some advice maybe someone else has been through what I have?

on 1/12/14 3:58 am
Topic: RE: 7.5 years out.

Hey Laurie,


Remember me? i had the DS in April same year, i have  had huge regain actually i have gained 100 of the 120 i lost, never got to goal, it is a real battle, i often think of the others who had Dr l around the same time as well did, for the most part the ones i know do very well, all are at goal maybe a few have had the 20 pound bounce back.

I am not the norm, then again i never felt the surgery malabsorption worked for me .. i still stand by that to this day.

I never thought i would end up back where i started,it is very hard to wrap my head around it, still i have wonderful restriction so i know that part worked.

I know how i gained my weight back, constant night snacking, sure is and probably will always be my downfall, i am trying hard to over come it but somethings after surgery i have not been able to get over, sleep insomnia, never had a problem now i need meds to sleep and the whole mental trauma of this surgery, i wish back then we had mandatory councelling like they do now, sure would of made a difference/


Great to see your post, take care




on 10/6/13 10:12 am
Topic: RE: Yes, I'm the devil's advocate...

Just over 6 years post op DS and i can say without a doubt DS'rs cannot eat what ever they want, my start weight was 305, lowest 185 (took me over 3 years to get there) now sitting at 280 .. huge let down, cannot get to goal, still have fantastic restriction but i never had the malabsorption with this surgery, i don\t have the bowel issues, i am constantly constipated, nothing and i mean nothing gives me gas.

No revisions for this girl, my two ds surgeries in the beginning plus a gallblader surgery and hernia repair has made it impossible for anyone to go insde of me,i have three large abdominal hernias and my bowel is stuck to the wall of my abdomen, basically it will tear open and i will go septic, i worry daily i am going to have an obstruction.


And on top of it all i am 15 pounds from where i started this journey almost 7 years ago.


I followed a pretty decent diet the first year out, but old habits crept back and i was able to eat bread, and cookies, not pasta or rice or ice cream tho.


At the end of the day i don't think my surgeon shortened my cc lenght enough i have two reports on my post operative report one says 75 one says 150 but until you go in you don\t know, and now i am not willing to do it.


Good luck, it is the hardest thing physcially and mentally i have ever had to deal with.



on 10/1/12 4:11 am
Topic: RE: revision doctor in massachusetts

Are you looking to have your DS revised due to too much weight lost or not enought?

Just curious.

on 2/20/12 1:02 am
Topic: RE: Looking for Dr. Gagner? Good luck!
I had  consulted him over email and was interested if he did do revisions, he emailed me back i got an upper gi, he didn't even see me in person and agreed to operate on me.

Long story short i decided not to have my DS revised, I am trying very hard to make it work, 5 years out and starting all over again, I am sure if i had my CC shortenend i would not have struggled but cel la vie.


on 2/19/12 8:12 am
Topic: RE: Looking for Dr. Gagner? Good luck!
Hi there,

I am curious what kind of revision were you, rny or band or failed ds?


on 2/2/12 6:31 am
Topic: RE: Having a hard time
Hi there,

Well early on with my DS i felt there was something different for me, i just didn't feel like i malabsorbed, maybe it was a sign of things to come, my weight came off very slow, and i was and still am incredibly constipated, I can litterly eat 5 slices of bacon with eggs and butter and it won'tdo a thing for me in that department, for me fat is not my friend, nor are the carbs.

Carbs were and still are very easy for me to eat, i have a hard time getting in protein but the carbs go down like there is no tomorrow, and i have no side effects no gas no oil slicks nothing.

I was very good in the beginning about getting in my vitamins, but in the last year i have not taken any, and all my blood work is normal.

I have had many tests and my colon is good, everything looks good, but i have not had the forgiveness this surgery has allowed many people, I wish i could turn the clock back and not have taken that first potato chip or slice of bread, now all i eat is veggies and meat, the odd fruit and tons of water, and the scale does nothing but go up.

My cholesterol also went up and i am not on lipitor and now my blood pressure is up so i am monitoring that, it is a never ending battle.

The first 6 months you don't eat much, you don't want to eat much i never did protein shakes but i should have i really missed the mark on that one.

My downfall has been night grazing, big huge trouble for me, those bad habits just crept back in and i fell for them hard, maybe if i had the bad gas or crazy pain i would of not eaten them, even though i have huge restriction it doesn't matter i still get all the calories in.

I have to change the way i feel about food and no surgery will do that for me, it has to come from within me, my brain needed the operation too.

The surgery was the hardest thing i went through physically but post op has been the most mentally difficult thing in my life.

You do the most drastic radical thing like have wls, the gold standard of all surgeries, and i have failed.

But i am trying to get back on track and for the last 6 weeks i have given up pop, carbs, and all things with sugar, no bread, no chips, no candy, no nothing... it has been tough but i am not giving up, i refuse to let this tool go to waste, i know it is there somewhere.

All the best.


on 2/1/12 8:57 pm
Topic: RE: Having a hard time
Hi Jennifer,

If i can give you any advice it would be to stay away from those carbs, I am post op 5 years and have a very hard time with my surgery and weight loss.

I never got to goal i started out at 305 and got down to 190 but it took me 3 years to get there and now i have gained 55 pounds back, i have other issues but the carbs didn't help at all.

I have never been so depressed in my life, i am trying so hard to lose this weight but it is really taking its toll on me.

Please please please, don't make the same mistakes i did.

Your still so fresh out, trust me you don't want to be in my shoes.


on 1/10/12 10:57 am
Topic: RE: Down & Dirty of DS?
 Here is my story,

I am 5 years out almost... the good the bad and the ugly.

First off, my surgery went well, but on day three i developed a leak and ended up back in surgery to repair and i stopped breathing on my own, i almost died 39 years old at the time, i woke up nearly 2 days after my second surgery with tubes down my throat and on a breathing machine, totally scary.

Then two weeks post op, i had my staples removed, i de-dehissed (opened up)Pics on my profile. i had a huge gaping hole for three months and fought off infection for three months, i became dependent on narcotics for pain and still to this day need sleeping pills at night.

Constipation, Huge issue for me, unlike the normal ds'rs i don't go to the bathroom daily, i have to use suppositories to go, i am lucky to go once a week.

Weight loss, it took me almost three years to lose 100 pounds i started at 305 and i am 5'5, now i have re-gained 65 pounds this last year.

I have iron issues and low b12.

I am often depressed, i did this most radial thing called weight loss surgery and i nearly died for and now i have gained more than half my weight back.

I don't malabsorb

I have huge restriction

I eat three bites of food and i am full, but the feeling of full and wonderful is gone, if i eat one more bite i feel like i am going to throw up.

The only good thing really that came out of my ds is that i did lose some weight and i met some amazing people because of it.

I don't know if i would do it again.

Good luck

on 2/1/11 9:44 am
Topic: RE: What is your CC length?
Wow 200 that is long, i was told once it was measured with your height etc, are you a taller woman?

Just curious.


on 2/1/11 6:33 am
Topic: RE: What is your CC length?
What is the average cc lenght for a ds'r.


on 5/6/10 12:06 pm
Topic: RE: Protein Bars
I love supreme they are 13 grams of carbs, 15 grams of protein and the peanut butter are to die for, Walmart sells them.


on 4/19/10 8:46 am
Topic: RE: 3 years today!
Hey all,

It has been a while since my last post, but i do lurk and ready daily.

Well today is my third year surgiversary.

It has been a struggle, I still have not made my goal, in fact i gained about 20 pounds since the fall of 2009.

Carbs are my downfall my vice it seems my everything, I just cannot control myself when i am around them and i am around them all the time, I blame myself for not getting to my goal.

I had 150 pounds to lose and i lost 100 for that i am very happy, If i can give any advice to newbies out there, please don't test the carb/suger waters for a very long time, in the beginning of my WLS i  of course hated food and could not eat a tablespoon but about six months after that i could eat a few crackers and from there is began... few crackers few chips, so on and so forth.

I know my surgery tool is not broken, I am failing it due to my bad eating habits, that is how i got to 305 pounds to begin with.

I have no regrets, the only thing i wish is that i was 50 pounds less and i know what i need to do to get there, I started seeing a therapist and that is going well.

Who knew this WLS stuff would be so hard, It is so hard and SO not the easy way out.

Things i miss,

Being able to eat a full meal and having that full almost too full feeling like you just want to lay down, I can't eat like that anymore if i eat one bite too much i get a mouth full of saliva and feel like i want to throw up.

Things i don't miss.

Sweating...  i used to sweat just sitting, I DON"T miss that one bit, And always looking for the size before the style of clothing, i never looked at style i always bought for size .... if it was in my size i bought it, Now i can go for some Style and i like that.

Hope everyone is well.

Happy Surgiversary to Me!!!!



on 2/9/10 5:25 am
Topic: RE: Trouble After 11 Years
Excellent reply Elizabeth,

I am very curious as well, and there are not many 11 year post ops out there to get info from.

Looking forward to your reply.


on 2/3/10 4:02 am
Topic: RE: DS Seminar Claims 6-8 Diarrhea Episodes a Day?
I gotta say she is full of crap as well, and as a matter of fact "this is my fact" i am a constipated DS'r who goes twice a week... No two bodies are alike and one food can have a completely different effect from one person to another, I really am pissed at people who take information and just throw it out there.

Thats like saying every fat person over eats or every skinny person starves themselves.



on 1/19/10 11:01 am
Topic: RE: Anyone else suffer from chronic constipation?
Hey Shelli,

Now i get to reply to you ..lol

I have since i had my ds had terrible constipation, never get gas pains never get loose BM's, I am the opposite of the typical DS'r.

I take glycerin suppositories, i know gross but they can help, i also take Milk of Mag to get things working but it takes hours.

And fat is not my friend for the easy relief of constipation i can eat doughnuts, fried bacon and nothing will make me go .. on average i go to the bathroom twice a week... tops.

My surgeon says i am lucky, I think it has slowed my weight loss.. but its a mystery, pre-ds i had IBS.. not sure what to make of it.


on 1/19/10 10:56 am
Topic: RE: For those of us who never got to goal, how are you doing?
Thanks everyone for your posts.

I admit every monday it starts .. no carbs for Kerry ..lol then Friday comes and its like Hmmm maybe a little treat here and there and then its back to being good Kerry on Monday, to be honest it is exhausting.

I have been exercising for the past few months weekly, sometimes three times a week sometimes just once a week, I love Zumba its a great workout and fun .. I need the kick in the ass to go, I like to tag team workout ..lol

I am trying, Christmas was brutal i went from 185 to 204.5 within three weeks i could not believe my scale it totally freaked me out, scared me and threw me into a depression, i asked myself could i really gain all this weight back? the answer was Yes i sure could if i kept this up.

It is really scary to think that all i have gone through to lose this weight could come back so fast.

So i am seeing my therapist again this week, i let that slide as well, i really believe i need to get myself mentally healthy and then my physical health will follow.

Oh and for the good news, losing 100plus pounds i don't have high bp or diabetes anymore, i do have high cholesterol so i take lipitor but that is in the family and it did not improve with all that weight loss.

I don't regret having WLS, I just got a little dose of Reality and needed to vent and share, I am very thankful for having this wonderful tool... maybe 150 pounds is unrealistic i don't know, i do know that mentally i cannot continue to put myself through this torture of thinking i am a failure, but that really has nothing to do with my weight everything goes so much deeper than that, know what i mean?

Oh and my little Catnip, lets do coffee sometime soon ok?



Ps... I agree Kerry is such a fantastic name :) 

on 1/18/10 10:46 pm
Topic: RE: For those of us who never got to goal, how are you doing?
Hey all,

I don't post much on the board but do lurk on a regular basis.

I had my DS April 2007 started out day of my surgery at 305, I am 5'5 and currently i weigh 197 this morning, my lowest was 185 thanks to the swine flu but that and carbs slowly slipped away.

My surgeons goal for me was 150 and being almost three years out i am struggling to think that i will ever make it, Carbs is what hurts me the most, I can eat three cookies no problem but have a hell of a time getting down meats like steak and chicken... after a while you get so sick of eating the same things.

I obsess on a daily basis about my WLS i find i am getting more Jealous of the people who make goal in a year, i know that i ate carbs way to early and hurt myself in the process but it still a bitter pill to swallow.

So am i alone? Is there anyone else out there almost three years out with 50 pounds still to lose, is there hope for me?

I have been more depressed in the last month than i have since my surgery .. why did i do this if i am doomed to fail? or crap i am still fat wtf i have three years out.

I guess there is no magic tool or pill and not that i am looking for one but i just needed to vent.

Anyone struggling???

Hugs Kerry

on 11/23/09 10:24 pm
Topic: RE: Where did I go wrong
Hi there,

Your pretty early out, I know for myself Tuna was a huge No No i just could not stomach it for months after surgery.

The soup i would tend to stick to clear chicken base no creamy soups.

Slow and steady, everything else looks good.

How fast are you eating? It would take me an hour to get through a scrambled egg.

Feel better soon,


on 11/23/09 10:21 pm
Topic: RE: OT-Heading to Florida (Disney) any tips?
Hey all,

My family is heading to Orlando next week for our first family vacation ever, I am very excited, But i am clueless when it comes to passes etc at Disney, I have had people try to sell me passes and i am leary about purchasing something not in my name.

Then i hear that you can get discounts at local malls and wallmart has passes etc is this true?

Any advice would be appreciated.. Florida here we come!

Thanks Kerry

on 9/10/09 3:34 am
Topic: RE: Anyone Else Had A Colonoscopy Since DS
Hi there,

I just had one done two weeks ago and it was successfull even though very painful the prep worked its magic, i did a two step prep once at 8am and again at 2pm now the morning prep worked great, but the second prep i had barely anything left.

The surgeon said it was all good and my colon is nice :) still doesn't explain why i am still constipated and have been since the beginning of my DS.

Funny i used to have ibs and would go several times a day, now that i had the ds i am lucky if i go twice a week and most of the time i need help to do that.

Oh well at least my colon is in fine shape ...lol

on 6/22/09 7:19 am
Topic: RE: 2 yrs post op and cholesterol is really high.. anyone else?
Hey my DS family.

Long time no post.. that must mean things are good .. up until now.

Before my DS i had high cholesterol ... after surgery i went off Lipitor as per Dr L's recommendations, then again 6 months later i tested high again and went back on... Dr L said no get off of Lipitor so i did.

Well back and forth a few times i was off Lipitor for about a year and my doctor called me very concerned that my cholesterol is very high.

My question to you is... anyone here on cholesterol meds after there DS?

I know my family history has high cholesterol so i might of just inherited the bad gene, just curious is all.



on 6/22/09 7:11 am
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