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on 12/28/09 11:18 pm - Shreveport, LA
I have a Molina band. It's at least 19 years old. We are not all extinct yet. We are out here in droves. Back then it was state of the art. Now I am trying to find out the long term side affects.   I lost over 100 pounds but have gained back 40 of those pounds. I think at that point in my life it saves my life.  Now I want some answers and I find that Dr. Molina has died. I am having symptoms of an  Abdominal aortic aneurysm. I don't want to cry wolf because, my insurance probably won't pay for the tests. I was looking for help when I found this site. Does anyone have any experience with the Molina Band?
on 8/16/17 10:13 am

I had my surgery's in Oct 1983. It all went fine for about 5 months. Then I started having very bad stomach pain, had to have my gallblader removed. At that time I had been on a plate for about a month, an before surgery he ask if I wanted the band tightened. I said no, he seemed a little disappointed. After that I started to have more problems, an he said that often happened after gallblader. In a couple of months things seemed to be was Nov. when I foundout I was pregnant. I asked if there would be any problems, he said there shouldn't be. On Jan 15th I lost the baby. A year later my husband of 14 years filed for divorce. After that I started to have more problems. Over that cource of the next 8 years the problems got to the point that those few days a month we all go threw, I couldn't even keep down a teaspoon of water, my family Dr. sent me to a surgeon he scoped my stomach. He said that 1rst that was not a 2 to 3 ounce pouch, it was more like a 3/4 ounce and that the opening from the pouch to the stomach was so small he had to use a scope meant for a child to get through. There he found 7 holes in my stomach, I told him that dr. Molina had said that could happen but the odds against that happening were very high. We couldn't get my records they said he had retired, and my Dr. had never heard of the procedures we went forward with removing the band. My Dr. said had I waited another year , it would have been pretty bad. So I guess I lucked out on that. In 83 I waited 292 , in 95 I waited 344 , an after a lot of work I now waited 218 as of the 23rd of last month.

on 1/17/10 11:25 am
I had the Molina Band for 27 years.  Dr. Molina did the surgery in 1983.  I beleive he invented it in 1980.  I lost 110 lbs the first year.  I gained 40 lbs like you over the years.  I developed Gerd from  all of the vomiting which in turn damaged my lungs of which I have permanent lung damage.
I also have Barretts Disease of the esophogus and am anemic.  I had the band removed last May 2009 because of all the health problems.  I fell 100% better now even though I have gained
70 lbs since then.  I am now losing the weight naturally with lots of prayer.  I wish I had known
what this would do to me 27 years ago.
on 2/4/10 12:31 pm - Houston, TX
I had a Molina Band in 1985, after a lot of complications I underwent surgery in 1986 to remove it and have my gallbladder removed.  I was at deaths door, but thanks to a great surgeon (not Molina) I lived through the entire ordeal.  The revision was only partially done since 1/3 of the band was adhered to my spleen and liver.  The surgeon thought to remove the remained would cause me to bleed out.  *****moved your Molina Band and did they encounter complications?

I am now as heavy as ever (275 lbs.) and looking into having By-Pass.  Does anyone have any suggestions on who to go to in Houston, TX?
on 11/26/12 2:43 am

What insurance and what area?

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on 9/10/13 5:46 am

I also have the Molina Band and in desperate need of removal, but cant find a doctor could you tell me *****moved your band

on 4/1/21 6:40 am

Dr. Khoi Du at Clear Lake surgical specialist in the Houston area. He removed mine and I am doing great!

on 1/22/10 7:44 am
I have had my molina band 18 years.  I lost 140 pds and felt/ looked great.  Had a car accident 2 years later gained back some with a spine injury. I had a hysterectomy in 1996 and then I began to gain a little more weight,  Over time gained back about  half of what I lost. Then 6 years ago it just stopped working completely.  I have had GERD and other issues so it has been a battle.  I recently stopped smoking and gained the remainder back and more.  I recently found a Dr that would look into this and try to do a new Lap Band. Today I had the scope procedure  to look inside my digestive and the band is embedded half inside the stomach and half outside.  Don't know the outcome at this point as to what can be done to help me.  I have a CT Scan tomorrow. I am very disappointed and a little worried about this.  IF ANYONE HAS HAD A CORRECTION OR REVERSAL PLEASE REPLY TO ME I WOULD APPRECIATE FEED BACK.
Jo R.
on 1/30/10 11:17 am - Houston, TX

I also had the Molina band in 1988.  I was 350 and lost 100# only.  I gain 10 to 15 pounds but to maintain my current weight of 250 to 260, I diet and exercise.  I am now going through preliminary tests for VSG.  I am concerned about failure though because the Molina band didn't work on me 100%.  Much of that was my fault.  I did not use the tool correctly, was probably too young to really understand but I am more educated now on healthy eating and exercise.  I still have my fears though.  I cannot eat as much as normal people do in most cases so my fear is if I can't eat as much, can I really lose the extra 100#?  I went to dinner tonight with my hubby and ate two tostada's and thought, well if I can do that, then reducing my stomach size where I can only eat 1/4 of that will probably make me lose the weight.

Anyway, I am now waiting to hear from the doctor's office as to the next step.  Surgery date or any other tests.

For me, all the tests on my lungs, my stomach, etc came back healthy, thank God even though I had the vomiting like the other lady but only when I over ate so I really tried to not over eat and also not to eat too late at night.

I am really looking forward to losing the 100# once and for all.  I hope and pray, this will do it. For once in my life, I would love to feel like  "normal" woman.....

Good luck,

on 1/31/10 12:08 am
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