Good Banding Stories???

on 12/17/11 8:23 pm - IN
RNY on 06/06/12
Does anyone have any good banding stories?  I am going in for my consult Dec.l 30 and I am still trying to decide what surgery to have.  I wanted the band because it was less evasive and I didn't think the idea of chopping up my body parts was for me.  I'm afraid of the RNY because I have heard horror stories about dumping.  Any advise would be so greatly appreciated.
sabrina H.
on 12/21/11 11:57 am - NE
I would suggest you look at the gastric sleeve procedure. I  have seen two people that did not do well with the band. It is "less invasive", but from what I have seen people really do have difficulty eating healthy foods normally. Also the sleeve removes the part of the stomach that produces the hormones responsible for hunger. Early research looks really promising. Check out the link below....this is what made me decide NOT to do the lap band. Also, I think of the sleeve as being a middle of the road surgery between lap band and RNY 
H.A.L.A B.
on 12/22/11 9:06 am
I hope you also posted that question on some other boards.
There are some good - positive outcomes for people with bands. 
But there are also much higher % of complications, long term horrible side effects and failed bands, not due to lack of compliance from the person who got the band. 

I think that may be 50-50 chance you getthe complication and fail to lose weight.  Or more. 

the general consences - is that bands do not work. And it they do, then will fail sooner or later. and then they would need to be removed... causing more complications. 

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Nic M
on 1/3/12 12:01 pm
I had my band done about 9 years ago. I had a horrific experience with the whole thing. I mean, life altering, permanent damage, almost died kind of experience.

I am part of a support group that has about 3 dozen people in it. Out of those people, 2 still have bands. But they've had to have subsequent surgeries to correct a problem with them.

Everyone else has had to have their bands removed or have revised to another WLS.

It's NOT less invasive at all. The history shows that most people will need follow up surgeries to repair or correct problems with the band. Insurance companies are implementing a "One WLS per lifetime" clause due to the high failure rate of the lapband. I can't revise to another surgery because I have too much damage from the band AND my insurance wouldn't cover it, if I could. I already chose the band and that pretty much screwed me for the future.

It's NOT a good LONG TERM solution for obesity and in more cases than not, the band does permanent and grave damage.

Check the Revisions forum and save yourself the pain and the trouble of the lapband, please!


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on 1/5/12 10:47 pm
DS on 06/05/12
 Please look into all the options... Vsg, and DS included... Then make your decision.  Good luck!
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Dev *.
on 4/11/12 2:02 am - Austin, TX
The "failed" surgery board isn't really the best place to find postive stories, but there are some out there. Although the band surgery might be less invasive than others, that does not mean that you will be without the risk of complications. I suggest to anyone considering WLS to really look at what the potential complications are with each surgery and decide what risks you are willing to live with and which you aren't.
Consider you're eating style as well. if you're a volume eater, a purely restricie surgery like band or sleeve might work well for you. If you're a grazer and sweet eater, they are not likely to work as well.

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on 5/8/12 6:55 am - MN
I was planning of the band myself. Went in for my consultation and the surgeon flat out told me he didn't want to do bands anymore cut they suck! I had never heard about the sleeve until my appt and now I am scheduled for it next Wed. I spend a lot of time on this site reading experiences of others and I think it is the right choice for me.
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Nic M
on 5/8/12 1:24 pm
Good luck to you, ERnurseMN.
I think your surgeon saved you a lot of pain and suffering by telling you the truth about banding. It does suck. Amazingly a lot.  I look forward to the day the thing is off the market, personally.

Best of luck to you with the sleeve. You have a lot of research to do in a little amount of time! Hope all goes well!



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