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on 1/4/13 10:39 am - IN
VSG on 05/28/13


I have Anthem Insurance.  I am wanting to revise my band to a sleeve.  I haven't necessarily had a failed weight loss surgery initially lost 140 lbs but I have started to have minor complications with the band and am wanting to prevent it failing me.  I have put on about 60lbs. 

My question is that Anthme says they will only cover one surgery per lifetime.  Has anyone successfully got around this and how long did it date?


**Revised to a Sleeve Gastrectomy 5/28/13

on 1/5/13 6:14 pm

I am assuming they paid for your Lapband?

My insurance has the same rule, however, I paid cash for my LapBand, so they agreed to remove it and revise me to the Sleeve. 

I would called and ask if they will at least remove it for you, since you are having complications.  I think there is a person the LapBand to Sleeve revision board who was told the same as you, but they are now going to pay for everything.

Lost 271lbs with my LapBand in 22 months!  My Band malfunctioned and I gained almost 42lbs and then revised to the Sleeve 9/24/12!  I lost another 140 lbs with my Sleeve!  Loved the LapBand and Lovin' The Sleeve!

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