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MC266 - Michele C.
on 1/1/14 1:59 pm - Folsom, CA

I had the sleeve in 2006, lost 175 pounds and have gained it all back.  I think I have at least, I had gained about 145 of it when I was weighed last.  It's definitely higher now.  I'm tired all of the time and have no motivation, no surprise because my eating is very poor.  My sleeve works for me, If I eat healthy food it fills up very quickly.  When I go out with clients I have to consider my stomach when choosing food making sure not to chose something that will be a problem or create attention if I don't eat much.  I've gained weight because I choose teh wrong foods and eat all of the time.  I just gave in to the food struggle.  I miss the early days of the surgery.  While it was work, it felt possible.  I tell people it was the hardest easy thing I ever did.

So I need to start and think a good way to start is only eat when I eat, not also watch tv, do work, etc.  Plus get to work ontime, or even early so that I leave at 5 or 5:30.  I love working late but don't think it's supporting my health.  This is not a new years resolution.  I don't make them because it's not meaningful to me.  In fact it's a guarantee that I won't do something if I call it a resolution.

Thank you and have a good day tomorrow.

on 1/4/14 3:55 am

Hi Michele,

i too had my surgery awhile back,2007, and like you gained back. For me, I gained half+, but it feels just as awful. I gained so much because when I noticed the first 20 lbs I resorted to dieting which only made those twenty turn into forty. We all know that vicious cycle of dieting. 

Sadly, I think I'm more embarrassed than upset about the weight. I hate when people who know I had wls say things like "wow, you are gaining weight", my sister in law even asked me last weekend " did you have any complications with the surgery?" Meaning, did it fail. I said no, I failed. 

I have to let go of that mind set of immediate gratification. There's no way we are going to lose weight as easy as we did in the beginning, have to take baby steps. For me it's drinking 60 oz of water (not diet sodas, coffee, artificial sweeteners or juices) just plain ole water with cucumber slices. Cut down on the processed carbs, and keeping an eye on grazing. Will try to get active soon when I get some energy. Have to start drinking protein drinks, which I'd rather have a full meal. I get it, it does get tiring living so restricted, wi**** was easier :(

There's  a Facebook group named Empowerful You, it's run by one of our very own OH veterans Noel Bouquet . It's a great place for moral support.

on 2/16/14 11:31 am

That's tough.  I can imagine you feel very discouraged after having lost so much to gain it back.  Everyone on the site says track your food.  Seems like a lot of work to me, but it must help.  Good luck to you!  

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