RNY is not a RNY...what to do when a surgery fails.

on 3/8/18 8:27 pm

I had a rny in 2006 and lost 14 lbs. Over the years, I regained the 14 lbs. and then 28 more pounds. If I wasn't constantly trying to keep from gaining I could easily be 400 lbs. Shortly after surgery a GI doctor did endoscopies and GI xrays which showed a large pouch, large stoma and short bypass. I have no malabsorpsion issues or limitations from my surgery. In 2006 my surgeon had a few anorexic patients and did a lot of stretching stomas for other patients. For my surgery he used a stricture resistant stoma hole maker which made it huge and food slid through my gi tract swiftly. I haven't felt food in my stomach since 2 weeks before surgery when I went on a liquid diet. My insurance has never paid for a revision and I never sued my surgeon for doing this to me. So I struggle year after year. I find eating 4 meals a day helps. I limit carbs to whole grain, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. I count calories. I relost 15 lbs from my highest weight a couple of times. I would be happy to lose another 35 lbs. I am trying to eat 350 calories a day less to eventually reach my "less fat goal". For me the rny was the worst choice ever. Going to an inexperienced surgeon was a mistake. Years ago at a support group meeting I was told he was replaced by another surgeon. People usually say the patient fails the surgery, but I honestly feel my surgery ruined me. So now I am thinking about what works? what helps? I cleared all junk food out of our house. I plan my meals every morning. I eat a large salad at lunch as well as an entree. I have a bowl of low carb veggie soup at dinner along with an entree. I eat 2 servings of fruit every day. I don't drink any calories. I eat Greek yogurt and cheese rather than milk. I drink black coffee and watered down crystal light. When I deviate from my plan I gain weight rapidly. It is so difficult to stick to my plan without any help from the surgery (and actually being hurt by this surgery). I never would have had surgery to make me more hungry, have less feeling of swallowing food and no limitations. I try to be persistent and patient with myself. I usually do a work out of swimming, biking and cleaning. I know others are in my shoes. I hope this helps. Tri

on 10/20/18 7:43 pm
RNY on 05/01/18

I had RYN to improve severe Silent Gerd afterreach the end of medical treatment. The surgeon never mentioned that the surgery could make the Gerd and my quality of life much worse. Furthermore, I don't believe the wl aspects of the surgery were done well either. I've lost only 30 pounds since mid-May. I'm very hungry on only 700 calories a day and feel little restrictions in filling my pouch. I think it was a waste of time, money, and pain, and that I got screwed.

on 8/25/20 7:00 pm

I hope you found some help. Tri

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