How to get back on track with weightr regain

on 4/3/18 7:12 am

Rn.y gastric bypass December 2009 starting weight 327 ending weight 175 regain and 50 pounds over a two-year period recently how to get back on track I'm starting to constantly feel hungry and think about food again. I did not work this hard just to have it all come back on. Suggestions?

on 4/16/18 5:26 am - MD

Hi Bj..I understand exactly how you feel..I had RNY surgery in 2012 lost 120 lbs but i am currently 30 lbs up. i hear a lot of "you are to hard on yourself" but feeling like have failed myself bcause those old eating habits have resurfaced and I'm so disappointed because of the work it took to be able reach a my feel confident. so I am reaching out for any advice or ideas as well.. thanks ..