Dotting along and eating all day

on 8/28/20 7:06 pm

I am a RNY surgery failure. My surgeon made my pouch and stoma too big and my bypass very short in 2006. I haven't felt like I have swallowed food since 2 weeks before my surgery when I was on the liquid diet. I actually have a photo of my wide open stoma on my profile page. At 1 year post op I had struggled off 14 lbs. I was in the restore trial in 2007 which did not help. I ended up in the hospital with air on the wrong side of the diaphragm because it got nicked during the procedure and the staple popped open after months on full liquids. They stopped the study and redesigned the tool. I lose and regain over and over for 14 years now. My insurance won't cover a revision.

I read on a grocery store tabloid that a woman lost 137 lbs. by eating all day. At my last dietitian visit, I asked the RD if I could just eat 3 servings each day of the main food groups using ADA serving sizes as a diet plan to keep it simple. She said sure. I made a dot diet sheet with Sunday thru Saturday across the top and the 6 food groups (protein, dairy, veggie, fruit, starch and fat) down the left side. Under each day column I put "000" to the right of the food group. As I eat food I fill in a dot. I have been eating 3 meals and 3 snacks. I was constantly hungry. The wide open stoma makes diabetes worse because food rushes through my gut. After reading the success of the tabloid woman I thought...why not eat a serving or 2 of food every hour until my dots are all filled in? I have been doing this for a week and I feel really good. This crazy way of eating a little all day is helping my blood sugars too. Over the past few weeks I have re-lost 4 lbs. It's a start. Tri

on 8/28/20 8:32 pm - Elizabeth City, NC

Interesting. I am in a bad place myself. Dr is fighting with insurance for revision but they don't want to approve. In the meantime I need to lose this regain before it kills me. Keep me updated on how your dot thingy goes? I'm basically a keto eating person. I guess I need to be more radical in my daily diet. It's quite depressing to know I was once so successful. I would be interested in a support buddy to Help kick this re-gain's ass..



on 9/2/20 10:58 am

Dotting is going well, but I am not sure if it would work with Keto? Do you eat protein? starches? veggies? fruit? fat? and milk?

My gi is one long tube with nothing to stop the food along the way. I think that is why dotting works so well for me. I think a normal small pouch would not be happy with a breakfast sandwich at 8 am followed by a piece of fruit 2 hours later and a yogurt 1 hour later followed by a salad in one hour later followed by a 80 calorie whole wheat bun with 3 oz. of deli meat....

My surgery was done incorrectly and I am simply looking for something that works. My insurance only covers one WLS in a lifetime. I didn't check out my surgeon properly. So far so good for me. Tri

on 9/2/20 7:34 pm - Elizabeth City, NC

I would look into that some more. Sounds like you have a problem that needs repairing not a new surgery .? I don't eat bread, startches, most fruit, milk.. yet I still have Re-gained? I do however have a serious heart condition which is causing me to retain fluid.



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