It feels like my skin is on fire

Missy A.
on 9/22/13 1:07 pm - NC
RNY on 08/17/12 with

Usually when I have a flare-up, I just feel very exhausted and a hey all over. Today (and late last night) not only am I feeling that but my nerves feel like they are on fire. I used to get this in my legs and feet and was dx with periphial neuropathy. I have never had this feeling all over, including my entire face. Has anyone else had this symptom as a Fibro flare? What do you do for it? I'm already on Neurontin but only take 1500 mg and know that can be increased which I will talk to my doc later this week about increasing. 

Any information/thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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on 9/23/13 5:55 am - Vancouver, WA

My symptoms seem to be sore muscles but did have burning on the soles of my feet for awhile. I take neurontin  for that and it worked really well. One great thing about neurontin is you can take huge doses and it has few if any side effects. Fibro is such a strange disease and effects us all differently. Hopefully an increase in dosage will help that's all I can come up with.

Tammi H.
on 6/30/15 8:29 am

that could be side effects of something else you are taking? maybe, I know I take a medication that when the dose gets to a dosage to high I get that feeling here and there and it is on my face. I too take neurontin for my fibro, it seems to help, but dr won't increase me, have been on same dosage for YEARS. Pain is breaking through, but it is what it is, at least I get some relief from my pain, some fibromites don't get any and my heart goes out to them. Hope you find out the cause of your nerve sensations.

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