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on 4/2/17 3:57 pm - IN

I found out I had Fibromyalgia a year ago, but I have had symtoms for years. I recently started some Medication. The meds I was given first time was Gabapentin 100mg 3x daily because the Dr said start out with low dose, I took for 3 months and noticed nothing so now I have been taken same meds just 300mg 3x daily for a month now and noticed nothing. My Rheumatologist wants me to try this med first and work with my PCP to figure out what works best. I heard from Doctor that some meds put weight on, that scares me. I know everyone is different but just wanted to know what has worked for you and how long does it take to notice the difference. Thanks

Jackie S.
on 5/19/17 8:03 pm - Ottawa, Canada
RNY on 06/07/17

Gabapentin did not help me either. I am on Lyrica (pregabalin- generic) but it does have the potential of adding weight. Maybe you could try Celebrex. This is good for pain but also helps with depression if needed. I tried but am anaphylactic to NSAIDS.

best of luck!

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Weight Management Clinic - Ottawa

on 6/25/17 4:14 pm
VSG on 12/15/15

Unfortunately, so many meds out there have claimed to either cause weight gain/ loss and countless other side effects. I cannot take NSAIDS due to having the sleeve in 2015. Gabapentin didn't help me either and now I am on Lyrica but unfortunately, in the US there is no generic expected until sometime in 2018 :( The cost alone is over 340 and that is hurting as much as the fibro flare-ups! I wish you much luck!

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