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I've had fibro for many years but it wasn't until 2008 that I was finally diagnosed. The issue I'm having now is that my new pain management Dr thinks that because I have lost over half my body weight, I should not need anywhere close to the dosage of pain meds I had been on for the last 9 years! I agreed on that for the most part but was scared about having two teenagers see their mom basically detoxing at home in front of them. I wanted to be on lower doses of pain meds but I was also scared at the same time too! This past January the oxycontin er was dropped from 40mg 3xd to 60mg twice a day then 40mg 2xd then to 20mg 2xd then earlier this month she lowered even further to 15mg twice a day. I have been going through a lot of withdrawal symptoms ever since and on top of that a lot of stress happening at my home at the same time causing even more flare-ups. I am absolutely miserable and hurt everywhere. My last pm Dr specialized in fibromyalgia, I don't know what I was even thinking by switching pm doctors! This all was caused primarily because I had changed pain management doctors. I feel now was a huge mistake on my part- because I was asked by my primary if I'd like to switch to a new pm Dr- one she's affiliated with and although I was happy where I had been going the past 7 1/2 years, I switched because I have a great bond with my primary and I really did want to my meds to be changed (just not like this) not where I can barely function anymore. The oxycodone I take for breakthrough pain was also decreased from 15mg 4xd now down to 10mg 3xd. Has anyone else gone through anything like this after losing their weight?

I had an older acct but couldn't remember my old email nor password! I appreciate any and all feedback! Thanks!

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You poor dear!

Also I'm very impressed with you, and your progress toward minimizing narcotics.

I'm not sure weight loss surgery has a direct effect with fibromyalgia I would assume it to be more of a dance, like everything seems to be your fibromyalgia.

I am guessing that you were already addressed the following issues and just didn't mention them, but just in case:

if meds are being reduced, or other less addictive meds being added, or other modalities to try to treat your symptoms?

I have tried and failed to have a good response to most of the medications used for fibromyalgia, but they do work for some people.

I have tried and failed to have a good response to most of the medications used for fibromyalgia, but they do work for some people.

I had a good physical therapist to work with me, once a week for a year! It started with a knee Andrew and then she use upper and lower back and other diagnoses instead of fibromyalgia because it allows her to do more. It was amazingly effective, because she was intuitive an able to help me manage pain as I increase my endurance and mobility. I didn't keep up my exercises like I ought, but I did learn a lot and I'm still benefiting. Doing the exercises without her hands on massage, stretching, cool and warm therapies wouldn't of worked nearly as well. She really gave me good pain control.

it's a shame there was not better insurance coverage for alternative treatments, like that physical therapy, my chiropractor, and other things that people say work for them such as massage and acupuncture. I would encourage you to explore whatever options are available to you. I don't know your location, your finances, or what your health insurance covers.

my sister in Michigan went to a pain program, not for fibromyalgia, but from this program she learned about the following link I'll share with you, and the Doctor Who runs the program who has a lot of good talks on YouTube and things. Very informative about actions and treatments, disease process, etc



good luck, and happy new year

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