Looking for a pen pal! I'm in Ontario!

on 11/28/15 9:10 am - Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Hi! I am looking for someone who wishes to be a pen pal. I enjoy  meeting new people far away or close by. I am on this journey to get myself healthy again and am awaiting a surgery date. Let's chat. 

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on 1/7/16 3:59 am - cambridge , Canada
RNY on 07/09/12

Hello there I live in Cambridge Ontario and would love to be a pen pal if you want to chat please feel free...I had my RNY done in July 2012 in Guelph and it's been the best thing I could have done for my health

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on 1/8/16 3:45 am - Barrie, Ontario, Canada

hi! Thanks for responding. So it has been awhile for your rny? You still like it? Did you ever second guess your idea of having it down? Im in Barrie, and i will be having it done at Humber River. Its it such a nervous experience and a long wait to. LOL

RNY Surgery June 15, 2016 with Dr Hagen


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on 1/25/16 6:32 pm - Bracebridge, Canada

Hi Eragon:


My name is Lauren.  I live in Bracebridge and believe it or not I was at Dr. Glazers office the same day as you were.

I have my surgery date, February 17 and am seeing my surgeon Dr. Huynh tomorrow.  I'll be getting surgery info and picking up my optifast.  You will get your surgery date soon.  Once Dr. Glazer approves you things move really fast.

Contact me anytime if you want to chat.   Lauren