All bad Access skin after Surgery What to do

on 5/30/11 8:05 am - san diego, CA
hello my name is Shantee im due to get the surgery on july 1st but im concerned about after i lose all the weight i want to and i reach my goal am i goin to have all the access skin hangin not looking right i called my surgeons office and a girl there told me no matter how much excersize i do it wont work to tighten up the skin plus i alwayz been heavy to so she she said excersizing wont help so what would help for the access skin besides plastic surgery because i cant afford plastic surgery somebody please help cuz im thinking about not having the surgery done im sad and confused i dont have a clue what to do.
on 5/30/11 10:30 am - Northern, CA
I think you are putting the cart before the horse. You haven't even had surgery yet, let alone lost all your excess weight. That is going to take a lot of work and dedication and you need to be focused on that and worry about excess skin when (and if) it happens.

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on 5/30/11 2:34 pm - Granada Hills, CA
It's part of the reality of having been MO for many years and pursuing WLS.

The way I look at it - I'm going to have the skin either way. It can be full of fat, or it can just sit there by itself.

If it's such a serious concern for you, and it's really a deal breaker, you might want to think twice before having surgery. Yes it sucks, but are there are any other reasons you want to have surgery OTHER THAN to look good? Do you want to be healthy? Active? Live longer? Take less medication? All of those can outweigh the "inconvenience" of some excess skin. - my journey to sexy skinny bitch status

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crystal M.
on 5/30/11 2:38 pm - Joliet, IL
That is correct you won't be able to exercise the lose skin away.  Your skin is like an elastic band that has been stretched too far too long.  Nothing will help lose and sagging skin go away.  You can tone the muscle under the skin (that may help if you don't have a lot of excess skin).

  I have to tell you though I have seen so many people worried about lose skin after they lose weight.  But I can say after losing 150 lbs I am not really worried about the skin anymore.  I feel better than I have in 20 years.  I am wearing clothes that are from misses department (not the plus size).  I can sit in any chairs I want, I can cross my legs.  I am off my medicines.  I am healthy as of my last check up.  There is so many more things I can tell you.  All I can say is do I want lose  Do I let it bother me when I am wearing a cute outfit in a size I haven't worn since I was 19...NOPE!!!  Honestly I hardly think about it.  Even with the skin I look better than I did before. 

Believe me when you get down to your goal weight you will look and feel great. 
on 5/31/11 1:00 am - Fort Worth, TX
Let's focus on getting healthy and losing the weight first. THEN worry about asthetics... We all, for the most part, have skin issues, but nobody here let's that keep them from being fit and healthy. If and when the time is right, you can have Plastic Surgery, IF you have skin issues. One step at a time...
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Michelle E.
on 6/1/11 3:48 pm
I have lots of excess skin.. but I can buy clothes in a regular store, I can fit in an airplane seat without an extender, I have more energy, I exercise regularly, I can wear a belt, I have a healthy normal BMI, I can run faster than my kid, I can fit easily in the tub and have plenty of room, I dont stress about sitting in plastic patio furniture, I am empowered to improve my health in every way....

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