Treadmill at home

on 11/13/11 6:29 am - sterling, CO
Hi All

I really need to get back into the weight loss. I was thinking about getting a treadmill for the home. How many of you have one?

I have a bowlfex select-tech weight and bench which I will start putting to use on Monday.


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Sue M.
on 11/13/11 9:00 am - Nantucket, MA
Most exercise equipment that I've had in my house has been put to use as a clothes hanger more often than as an exercise machine....even AFTER I lost weight.

I personally would not take on the expense of a machine unless I knew I was really committed to using it. 

Could you do a trial gym membership, or walk/run outside?  If you can commit to that for a few months, then maybe it's a worthwhile investment.
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on 11/14/11 3:16 am
I got mine about a month ago, and I love it! Having a treadmill is so handy. I just wish I would have waited until Black Friday to buy one because that's when everything seems to go on sale. Oh well! Anyways, I have the Nordictrack Reflex 8500 Pro. I like that it folds up, and it's pretty comfortable too! It's a little pricey though, so you might want to find something a *****eaper to save up for christmas presents.
on 11/14/11 7:51 am
I'm like Sue, it becomes a clothes hangar/gargabe collector.

But, like all tools, it's what you do with it.
What's a gym membership 30-40 bucks a month so call it 500 per year.
You have to weigh that against the cost of a good treadmill, and how long you will actually use it.
However at the end you could always resell the treadmill.

A good walking running partner would be my choice, but that seems to be more elusive than the treadmill.


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Kim S.
on 11/14/11 10:26 pm - Helena, AL
Like the others said, you really need to know how YOU will do with at home equipment.

I set up a gym in my basement in August 2008 and to this day I still use it several days a week.  I have a running treadmill (that I only use when I cannot run outdoors-which is more in the winter), an elliptical (that I no longer use-but it was good for the early weight loss days), a boxing bag (that I HAD to have....used it twice....never touched it again), a full Nautilus weight machine set (I use occasionally, my husband uses more), a large open area with padded flooring with a TV-I do P90X here....I have a full weight set and a pull up bar near here for the P90X workouts and I also do yoga here....this is the area I use the most.

If you buy a treadmill, invest in a good one, with a proper size deck.  I bought one by Sole, it is the one with the extra long deck for running.....I am glad I bought it for the times I cannot get outside.

I will not go to a gym-I know this about myself.  So setting up a home gym made sense for me and my lifestyle......after 3 years I'm pretty sure I'll keep using it!!

Oh, and I cannot wait to get my P90X2!!
on 12/7/11 12:48 am
Oh I so wish I had a basement....

Can you tell me what kind of elliptical machine you have?

I am shopping around for one!!!!!!

on 11/15/11 9:01 pm - Fort Campbell, KY
I'm dying for a treadmill because with a 5 month old, this weather, plus it getting dark early, I feel like it would be a fantastic investment. I know for some it would be a huge waste of money and end up collecting clothes and other junk. I think you just have to know YOU and your habits.
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on 11/16/11 2:32 am - GA
I agree with mrslatch. It's getting colder and darker earlier. So it really does depend on your situation. 

One thing I can say is that you have to treat it as an exercise machine. Once you start hanging clothes on it and placing other items on it, it's not an exercise machine anymore. It's a hanger/garbage collector.

You will probably want to NEVER hang anything on it other than the towel you use while you're using it. Otherwise, you risk it losing its effectiveness in your house.

I used to have a treadmill but I sold it because I like running outside better and the scenery changes a lot more outside than it does inside. Just my 2 cents.
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