calves and ankles???

on 12/13/11 2:47 am - Houma, LA
Hello everyone, can anyone tell me how to get smaller calves and ankles? I have very large ones, and even tho I am loosing weight my calves and ankles aren't getting any smaller and I can't find any boots to fit.

Thanks for all the help..
on 12/13/11 7:06 am - FL
If you press on your legs or ankles, does it leave an indentation? Have you ever had a doctor suggest you have edema?  Swelling in the legs and ankles is very common in overweight women particularly those with thyroid problems.  If your legs and ankles seem disproportionately big compred to the rest of you, it's something to consider.  If it's edema, there are things you can do like watching salt intake, elevating your legs at rest, and wearing compression stockings while exercising. 

In the interim, there are wide and extra-wide calf boots available. They carry them at Stein Mart in the store and Zappos has a great selection online. 

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on 12/13/11 9:29 am
The only exercise that comes to mind is calf raises - barbells on your shoulder and lifting up and down on your toes quickly.  I don't know that it would make your calves smaller though, probably just build muscle?

That said, I bought some great boots at Target for $39 that come to the knee and are leather with an elastic-y type material on the back that has some give in it.  Previously, I'd have to buy boots a size bigger than I wear to fit my ankles, and these are my regular size 8.5
Kim S.
on 12/13/11 9:59 pm, edited 12/13/11 9:59 pm - Helena, AL
My calves were the last to go.  Literally, in my last 10 lbs I lost weight in my calves.....and now I can wear regular shaft boots.

on 12/14/11 11:10 am, edited 12/14/11 11:17 am - Northern, CA
You can't spot reduce. The fat comes off where the body wants it to come off. So, if it's fat, the only thing you can do is continue to lose weight and it will eventually come off. If it's muscles, well, you can lose them but do you really want to?

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