Made it---5 miler!

Amy Smith
on 3/5/12 2:09 am
This coming from a person who saw ABSOLUTELY no need to run unless it was life or death.  I ran my first 5K one year after my WLS (may have been sooner, but I spend several months in and out of the hospital)!  I continued to run 5Ks during the summer and most of year 2.  I have always said I want to run a 1/2 marathon, but didn't see the possibility.

Well, I have started with the Galloway method (run/walk) and I am on week 3....yesterday, I ran a 5 miler.  Not a great time and for me it will never be about time, but about finishing and I did!  I have a lot to figure out as my mileage is increasing (how to sip water while I run without getting sick, what about the bathroom stops, how to not feel just flat out sick around mile 4 EVERYTIME), but I did it. 

I probably should've just done the 5K, as I had some vein work done on Tuesday and had not run at all since Tuesday and God help me there were hills (constant gradual increases, that I swear we never went down).  Anyway, a lot of work to do before I'm ready for my 1/2, but I have until November to be really ready!

I write this as motivation!  If you are someone who is just thinking about exercise, walk.  You never know where that first walk will take you.  Mine started as needing to walk a pace that my precious Bayberry (*****cently passed away) had to jog in order to get her fit for agility competition.  That led into "trying to jog from one mailbox to the next" to eventually starting the couch to 5K program!  I will never forget how I felt when I finished that first 5K.  (I must have looked BAD as a nice guy came back from the finish line and ran with me!  It was just what I needed, cause I could see it, but Lord that finish line was so far away!)  Hang in there, and keep walking! :-)  You can do it!  DOn't be afraid to dream!

I may have had a few extra potholes along the way, but the journey has been good!   

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on 3/5/12 3:34 am - TX
You are doing great!!
on 3/5/12 5:34 am - Cumming, GA
awesome!  congrats!  it's a great feeling doing what you used to think was impossible.
Where are we going??  And why am I in this handbasket??

right now.  somewhere.  somebody is working harder than you.

on 3/5/12 7:12 am - OR
 That is so awesome I can't wait to feel that good.  Congradulations on your accomplishment keep up the great work.

Jillian O.
on 3/5/12 9:33 pm - Fort Riley, KS
Congrats! 5 miler is a big acomplishment!

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Carol S.
on 3/7/12 12:19 am - Milwaukee, WI
 How exciting!  It only gets better, I swear.  With bathroom stops I just stop by my house, run in, go and go back out.  Last weekend I was far from home and ran past a construction site and just used their port o' john.  I keep a few bucks in my pocket so I can steal into one of the quick marts and get a bottle of water.  Keep some paper in your pocket if you need to dash into the woods for a quick pee.  You're not the only runner who does me.  LOL

With me it's not about how fast I go but just to go.  As you increase your miles, your speed will increase.  I ran 13.5 miles a few weeks ago and plan a 15 miler this week (after two weeks of 10 milers as my max).

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