Gaining and pouch shrinking tools...anyone??

on 7/30/12 4:36 am - MN

I have gained 34 lbs since my lowest weight and I loved being at my lowest weight. I am 189 and my weight has gone down and up. I was stable in the 160's. Stress, College, Divorce and Life has gotten me down. I have not exercised  consistently in like 6 months and Just looking for some ideas of how to get back on track and possiable pouch shrinking.

Thank you
God doesn't require us to succeed; he only requires that you try.

on 7/30/12 5:04 am - Granada Hills, CA
Not sure about pouch shrinking methods other than something surgical but as for exercise...

What is it that you would enjoy doing? What ever that is - start doing it. You dont have to go to a gym, walk, run, bike, lift weights, swim - you can do anything that gets you moving, gets your heart rate up,  and that you can sustain over a long period of time. Now, if you like those things - i'm sure you'll find a lot of motivation from people. Set some goals - sign up for a 5K, or take a class or do something. - my journey to sexy skinny bitch status

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Kim S.
on 7/30/12 5:37 am - Helena, AL
I concur.

Most likely your pouch hasn't stretched.  It would take a long period of serious overeating to even begin to stretch it.  What has happened is that you are consuming more than you are using-which equals gain.  So you have to reverse the pattern.

I recommend the following:

1) Begin tracking everything you put into your mouth.  You can do that here on OH in the Health Tracker or some other tool.  I use

2) Determine your RMR

3) Set your daily caloric level at your RMR - 500.  This will set you up to lose 1 lb per week, which is the safest level to shoot for AND it will give you enough food so you don't feel deprived.

4) Make 100-120 grams of protein per day your goal.  I eat a 6-7 oz chicken breast grilled every single day.  That alone is 53 grams of protein, and it is real food so I feel full.

5) Eat 6-7 small meals each day.  This will keep your blood sugar level and will keep you feeling full.

6) Exercise.  Everyday.  At least 30 minutes.  If your heartrate is up and you are sweating, you are good.

7)  Follow the rules of your surgery.  Do not drink with meals and do not drink for at least 30 minutes afterward.  Limit simple carbs and sugar, but don't completely eliminate them.  If you do, you'll feel deprived, and we all know how well that has worked for us in the past.......

8)  Come here for support.  We are here for you.

It really is a simple solution.  Simple, but not necessarily easy. 
on 8/3/12 5:11 am
Hi there...

Do ther 5 day pouch reset...It is amazing. I am on my 5th day, but I stretched it out over 10 days not the 5.

You will be amazed.

on 8/3/12 6:32 am - MN
Can you tell me what that is and how did you make it work for 10 days?
God doesn't require us to succeed; he only requires that you try.

on 8/6/12 3:33 pm - Bremerton, WA
You can google 5 day pouch test.  It basically has you start from the beginning, right after surgery. 
1 - 2 days of nothing but protein shakes, a day of soft foods, etc.  Just like the above poster, go back to the basics.  Cut out the carbs, up your protein and drink lots of water.  Make sure you are taking your vitamins.  Lots of friends have been doing the Ideal Protein diet which is basically what we should be doing.  They drink a protein shake a day.  For their meals they eat only protein and veggies.  They cut out everything else, including dairy.  It's kind of like a modified atkins.  

Good luck!
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