Just registered for my 1st Half Marathon - freaking out!

on 11/26/12 5:11 am - Round Rock, TX
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I just registered for the Austin Half Marathon on February 17, 2013 (my 2 year surgiversary!) and am a bit overwhelmed.  My longest run so far has been 4 miles - that's all! I have a training plan and am attending a training group once a week, however in my group so far I am the only one training for half marathon, everyone else is doing 5k. I am doing the training group so that I wouldn't have to do long runs alone or with runners way more advanced than I am - pooh! Hoping that more people will sign up in the coming weeks, but I am really not looking forward to doing all this training/running on my own. My husband was going to run with me but he is recovering from a metatarsal stress fracture and will not be able to run for at least another few weeks - maybe more.

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I signed up for my first half recently too. I'm running the Anthem Yuengling Shamrock Half on March 17 in Virginia Beach. I've had some self doubt recently but am pushing it aside and just keep moving forward.

On a side note - I used to live in Round Rock but moved from Leander to NC about 6 years ago. :)


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Very cool that you used to live in RR! Good luck with your training!!!

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Dont freak out! I did my first half at the end of October and it's a wonderful experience. I followed Hal Higdon's 1/2 training and it was perfect. I started at the beginning of August and it was 12 weeks - 2 short weekday runs and a long weekend run. My longest run before the 1/2 was 9,5 miles I think. 

You can totally do this :)

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Thanks for the encouragement Alison - at this point I can't imagine those long runs yet!  I will have to look at that training plan as well - mine is turning out to be a bit of a hybrid of several, lol.

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You can do it!~~ I'm running my first Half on this upcoming Sunday as part of CCFA's Team Challenge (at the Las Vegas Rock & Roll).... while I think group training is invaluable, you can find a lot of good training schedules on line, even on YouTube. BUT, if you run best while being social, consider looking for some other training programs that are geared specifically for Half training. Charity organizations (like CCFA) require fundraising but local running clubs or running stores often hold training series for a fee. I can definitely see how you're mismatched in your current group; 3.1 is WAY different than 13.1! But, if you're doing 4 miles as a long run now, give yourself 12 weeks of consistant and incremental training and you'll get there! Our longest group run was 10.5 miles and that's soooo close to the whole half that I actually do feel adequately trained!

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It is actually surprising me that I am wanting company on my runs - I have always preferred to train alone! I guess I just need to see some other people at the same level as I am! I sometimes feel so inadequate when it comes to running because I have never really enjoyed it, maybe that is why I am so determined to accomplish this. I am looking into some local running clubs/free training during the week also - my current training was only $50 for 12 weeks but I am now wondering whether I should have joined my old triathlon training group's running program that was a bit more money and more of a commitment. I guess I am just a bit insecure, once I build some distance I may feel more confident.

Thanks for the insight and good luck in your race this weekend!

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