Tuesday Workouts

on 1/15/13 6:26 am - Collierville, TN

I couldnt get to the gym because of ice so I opted for day 2 on the bike trainer.  I only made it about 35 min.  Apparently, my muscles were pooped!  I really hope I can get to the gym tomorrow.


Lots of 5K's, 10K's., 4 1/2 Marathons, 3 Sprint Triathlon done. 2 Olympics and my  First IRONMAN 70.3 September 2013 and First Full Marathon Dec 2013  !!!!!

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on 1/15/13 10:19 am - FL

I was so exhausted and sore I considered taking the day off. Glad I didn't!!

Trainer workout:

12 flights of stairs for warm up

- burpees, 50lb sled pull, walking lunges with a 15lb kettle ball pass under the front leg, decline mountain climbers - 60 seconds on all stations except the mountain climbers which were 30 sec.  6 rounds

Then a 30 min spin class immediately after

                              HW 353 SW 317 Original GW 180  Current Wt  170 
                               First 5k 59:18; 5k PR 32:06;  1st 10k 1:20:27; PR 1:08:36
                                                    1st Half Marathon 2:48

                                        Pensacola Double Bridge Run 15k- 1:47:34
                                                  Three Sprint Triathlons

Jillian O.
on 1/15/13 10:40 am - Fort Riley, KS

5 mile run


Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran, Army Wife, 3x Ironman Finisher

(deactivated member)
on 1/15/13 7:55 pm

4.5 mile run.

on 1/16/13 1:28 am - Brookfield, IL
VSG on 04/16/12

I forced myself to go to the gym. I was feeling very tired and lack luster. boy am I ever glad I went. I had a great work out. I felt the burn for hours after the work out.

I worked out for 1 hour in the pool. I found some advanced aquatics workouts on you-tube and they rocked.





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