First 5k is in the books

on 12/14/13 5:49 am - Crestview, FL
This morning I completed my first official 5k. My goal was to be running when I started and to be running when I finished and not stress about how many walking intervals I did between those two runs.

Just before the half way point, we crossed over the Intercoastal waterway. The bridge is an arching one and that is the first time I have encountered that degree of elevation. It was hard and for a moment, it was a little demoralizing because my legs refused to run up that bridge. Then I reminded myself that today was not as much about time as it was to set my baseline and to finish and start the 5k running.

Does it ever get old having people cheer & clap for you as you cross the line? I hope not! Oh yeah, the free 10 minute sport massage was a nice bonus!

The unexpected part is how tired I am this afternoon. During all my walks and newly started running program, I often cover close to 4 miles. This was only 3.1. Is it because I am coming down off of an adrenaline rush?

Anyway, my official time for my first 5k is 40:34. That PR will only stand about 3 weeks because I am now signed up for my next one Jan 4. Yes, I have been bitten by the bug.

Now I am ready to shop for some new tech gadget that will help me monitor my progress and training.

I am creating my own revolution and PAMdemonium reigns!

RNY 11/16/2010

SW 270, CW 155, GW 135

1st 5k time 40:34 (Dec 2013)





on 12/14/13 8:21 am - Germantown, MD

Awesome!!!! Congrats!!! And, no, it never gets old to have people cheer for you - - I'm thinking of getting my husband a cowbell for Christmas for cheering me on during races...

First ultra: Stone Mill 50 miler 11/15/14 13:44:38, First Full Marathon: Marine Corps 10/27/13 4:57:11Half Marathon PR 2:04:43 at Shamrock VA Beach Half-Marathon, 12/2/12 First Half-Marathon 2:32:47, 5K PR  Run Under the Lights 5K 27:23 on 11/23/13, 10K PR 52:53 Pike's Peek 10K 4/21/13(1st timed run) Accumen 8K 51:09 10/14/12.


on 12/14/13 8:48 am

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