Fat percetage?

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I'm confused as to how we would find out our body fat percentage with all this loose skin? I've seen people use that caliper(sp?) thing, but would it work on us if we have lots of loose skin? I'm confuuuused...

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All the methods are an estimate anyway and different methods have their pros and cons. The caliper method is very variable. Someone who is highly skilled can get readings as good as some of the best methods but someone who isn't can get readings that are basically junk. And, yes, having lots a lot of weight and having a lot of fat cells under the skin (even if they are mostly empty) does throw it off and give it bigger number than someone who hasn't lost a lot of weight. OTOH, this method tends to under-estimate visceral fat (fat around the organs).

Another method is bio-impedience. This method is okay. It's the one bathroom scales and hand-held devices used. The scales tend to be weighted towards the bottom of your body so women with big boobs but small hips may get a lower number than reality but the hand-held ones tend to be weighted towards the top so if you have big boobs, your number will be bigger than it really is. Plus, they are easily thrown off by your hydration levels. The lower your hydration, the higher your number.

Better methods, but less convenient, are hydrostatic testing and BodPod. You don't have to get wet with a BodPod but they can be thrown off by pockets of air in your clothes. My personal experience is that hydrostaic testing (dunk tank) is more accurate for me. I think this is going to vary by the individual though.

The absolute best method is a full body scan with a DEXA machine. This tends to be the most expensive though. But it uses a  3D model instead of a 2D model so it's the Gold Standard. Plus you get your bone density measured at the same time!

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