when can we start to exercise , not just walk?

Tina G.
on 5/3/14 1:10 am - Peterborough, Canada
RNY on 04/14/14

I had my surgeon 2 wk follow up but because I was readmitted and discussing all of those issues dummy me forgot to ask when I can start to work out? can anyone give me an idea of when we can and of what we can do? I would really like to start riding my bike? Walking is getting boring.

Thanks for your help!

on 5/3/14 8:45 am - Germantown, MD

Why not call or email your dr's staff? They should have clear parameters on when/what you can do. Mine had us lay off any ab work or lifting weights for at least 6 weeks and no swimming until lap scars fully scabbed over.

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on 5/8/14 5:10 am
RNY on 03/24/14 with

Nothing but walking until 6 weeks post op for me also...

on 5/10/14 10:05 am - Northern, CA

You should definitely ask your doctor as they know the techniques they used and how exercise will impact their stitches. Mine would have let me bike at 2 weeks but no abs stuff and no lifting for 6 weeks. I was doing the stationary bike in the gym starting at 2 weeks out, in fact.

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on 5/25/14 4:19 am, edited 5/25/14 4:20 am

I think it is better to ask your doctor about it. He/She knows everything about it. Walking is not boring for me it is fun. Just walk with your friends, neighbor, husband, wife and love ones. It is better to walk than nothing to do. LOL!

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