Thinking of returning to pool after VSG

on 7/16/16 2:23 am - CA
VSG on 07/11/16

I am discussing with my doctor the idea of returning to my back yard pool for leg exercising and stretching which helped me to lose 40 pounds leading up to VSG.  His initial concerns are that I keep the larger incision from laproscopic, the 1" one, dry so I have found two types of waterproof bandages for active people that seem great in the shower as a test.  Does anyone have experiences with getting back into their pool earlier than the usual 1-2 month post surgery?  I really can enjoy exercise and prevent muscle loss if  can get back in the pool.  Thanks

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on 7/16/16 4:57 am - Spanish Fort, AL
RNY on 05/27/16

My doc allowed me back in the pool at 4 weeks post-op without covering, but I would do whatever your doc suggested. Everyone heals differently, and you definitely want to avoid infection.

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on 7/17/16 2:07 pm - CA
VSG on 07/11/16

Thanks Jax....I tried an EasyCare waterproof badage in the shower and outside with a bottle of water and found it to be 10% dry in largest incision.  Then, as attest, I covered all 5 incisions with same and walked in the pool and again had all solid dry when exiting the pool.  So I am going to talk with my doc this Tuesday (Day 7) about using these since I am a fish out of water.  Rich

on 7/17/16 3:50 pm - Canada

My doctor made me wait for the 2 months. It had nothing to do with the incision but had to do with the healing inside of you. Listen to your doctor. He is the only one that knows what went on during the operation and knows what is best

on 7/17/16 10:59 pm

I tried going back to heated pools about 5-6 months post op.  One thing you may find out...You could be cold all the time.  And I mean all the time.  I've stopped swimming all together because of the water being too cold.  It just wasn't enjoyable.  You'll know in a few months whether you'll enjoy the water or not.  

As I lost the weight it became harder to swim.  Less fat (buoyancy) so I had to force my body (exercise) through the water...Otherwise I would sink.  Brian 

on 7/20/16 1:20 pm - CA
VSG on 07/11/16

Good news.  Had my check-in with Dr. and agreed hat the EasyCare waterproof bandages do a great job of protecting the incisions.  Worked very well for me to submerge into pool and walk around.  Body felt very good being back in the pool.

HW: 447 SW: 415 GW: 240 CW: 339 Total WL = 110

WL: Pre-op: -32 M1: -27 M2: -19 M3: -14 M4: -9 M5 & M6: -9 in progress

Chris "Thick-to-Fit" T.
on 7/20/16 1:52 pm - FL
VSG on 05/26/16

Glad you found a solution Rich! Long time to be told to stay out of submerging in water, most I've seen (all, really) are only about 5-6 weeks. But, you worked and found a goal so go on and do you! 

Love being in the water myself.


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