Exercise is fun

on 8/11/16 11:27 pm
RNY on 12/28/15

Today I jogged 2 miles, a major milestone for me!  I don't even care who heard or saw me whoop & do happy dance on the trail! After that I walked another 2 miles just because it was fun to do  

Then I got my husband to go out and play frisbee for a while -- an activity we did often in our 30s but haven't done in at least 17 years  

It is amazing to actually ENJOY exercise now.

So many wasted years... I'm trying to make up for them!



After that I walked another 2 miles

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Surg Date 12/28/15 | NSV Goal: Go down slide w/kid! 


on 8/14/16 11:38 am - Spanish Fort, AL
RNY on 05/27/16

I enjoy exercise too! It's so much more fun when you lose weight!! Personally, I just have more energy, thus giving me the will to get up and get moving! Congrats on the run!

SW:223, CW: 134.2; GW: 125, RNY: 5/27/16

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on 1/5/17 4:00 am

Fitness and physical activities are fun for me, such as dancing, jogging, climbing and cycling. Those are very effective to keep body in shape. Also, it lessens the risk of heart diseases. I think it's good to say that regular exercise is very important if you want to live a long and healthy life and enjoy the life. As I am enjoying..... Good Luck and live a healthy life.

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