HELP! Please HELP! Need tips

on 11/24/17 6:48 pm

I need suggestions on what exercises I can do at home to lose 30 pounds my current weight is 675lb and I need help I need to get down at least 30 pounds to show i can do this I have already started on my diet now and some exercise tips thank you

on 11/26/17 3:41 pm - PA
VSG on 08/23/16

Walk. Walk. Walk more. Diet is going to be much more important for you than exercise at this point. Also, speak with your doctor about what you can do, safely,without risking injury.

Keep on losing!


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on 11/26/17 4:29 pm

Thank you for the tip but sence i am pretty big I' have social anxiety issues when being in public

Laura in Texas
on 11/27/17 5:29 pm

Limiting what you eat is far more effective than counting on exercise to help you lose weight. Exercise will make you more mobile, though, as you lose. Have you ever watched "Sit and Be Fit"? Maybe some of her exercises might help you.

Track every bite. Good luck!!

Laura in Texas

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Gwen M.
on 11/30/17 11:46 am
VSG on 03/13/14

Diet change is more likely to get you to your goal than exercise. If you aren't already, measure and track everything you put into your mouth using something like MyFitnessPal.

Walk around your house as much as you can. For me this was a change from "Yeah, I'll do [that thing] when I get up next" to "I'll get up and do [that thing] RIGHT NOW." Movement is movement. If you have stairs at home, work on going up and down the bottom 3-4 of them. And definitely look into "chair exercises."

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on 12/1/17 8:02 pm, edited 12/1/17 12:24 pm

Put on your favorite music while you walk around the house or neighborhood. Crank it up!! Also you may want to use a 1-3 pound weight...Just move it around your body while you walk. Don't have a weight(s)...Use a can(s). Many days when it's raining, I would close the curtains, put on my music and just walk around the house. I would use my weights in different simple movements. I still do this...

You may want to look into elastic bands. You can find them on the internet or at Walmart or a sporting goods store. There are programs on Youtube that show you how to get started. Also after my surgery, elastic band exercises (movement/tension) was the only thing allowed for me post surgery (besides walking) for the first 6 weeks. Even an old rubber tube will work for these exercises. I'll post below some bands and some videos...Brian PS Don't get intimidated by the bodies on the videos...We are here for support and health. These things work, no matter where you are at in an exercise program... sistance-Band-Kit-with-Improved-Safe-Door-Anchor-Ankle-Strap -and-Carrying-Case/467557094?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSeller Id=0 KHcuPBXoYABApGgJpbQ&sig=AOD64_0oX3NFhXrmaiHTROrCrE6_9_c5tw&c type=5&rct=j&q=&ved=0ahUKEwiyzJjBuOrXAhXm8YMKHdOrAFkQ9aACCIU B&adurl=

on 12/3/17 6:43 pm

So it' 6:40pm in ca I have only had 1120 calories today and fighting urge to eat at the moment if I stick to that calorie intake for my size will I lose it quick and will it be safe

Kathy S.
on 12/4/17 11:08 am - InTheBurbs, XX
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Welcome to OH! You have gotten some great suggestions. Sitting exercises at your weight would be the best for you right now. Check your cable TV and youtube as it was suggested and there are some great videos. The biggest obstacle for us all is dealing with our head issues. Here are some great articles to help you start that process to help with being successful. If you have access to someone seeing a professional has helped many to get where we need to be to live.....

Head Hunger/Issues

Keep us posted on how you are doing. Here is the link to the main forum where more members post.

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on 12/4/17 9:01 pm

You can do this!

Sitting in a upright chair, dinning or kitchen. Do leg lifts and get some cans of soup, do arms lifts. Stand next to the chair and do some side leg lifts.

This helped me alot when I first started.

You can do this!


on 1/16/18 4:49 am

you should diet proper way.please consult with a doctor take some diet tips and home, u can walk on a treadmill, ride an exercise bike, high knees, squat.if you do this workout daily 2 hours you can lose more than 600 calories per day.try to continue this workout. Best of luck dear.Hope you can do this and never give up.

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