Do certain exercises take a bigger toll of you?

on 2/19/18 5:16 pm - Philadelphia, PA
RNY on 04/28/15

So I feel pretty well rounded in the exercise arena. My usual routine is this: Saturday/Sunday 6 Mile run; Tuesday/Thursday: @ gym rotate between elliptical/weights/, stair stepper/weights and circuit training/bike.

When I can't make my usual routine, or am amping up for a fitness goal- I use SWORKIT. It's customized cardio mix. It seems anytime I do this I basically can't use my muscles a few days afterwards. Sunday I couldn't run so I did SWORKIT for 45 minutes. Today I feel every, single muscle. Last time I was damn near tears from the muscle aches. How is it I can do all the other things regularly- hitting all muscle groups I'm sure- but this one does me in every time?

I'm tempted to retire using it, it's just not worth the hurt. But I need a good home-based replacement. Just curious if anyone else avoids a type of exercise because they just don't like how they feel afterwards?

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might be smart just do part of it and build up. As my trainer says to me if it is just sore muscles than we are keeping it in the program. If it is bad pain than we take it out. If i gave up on my exercises my muscles ache than I would be missing out on a lot of stuff. I know with time my muscles will be stronger and be able to handle it. No pain no gain

Gwen M.
on 2/22/18 6:39 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

My guess is that you don't use it often enough, and use it too hard when you do use it. It's using muscles that aren't used to being used in ways you don't normally move - so it wrecks you.

I'd suggest doing a shorter program and doing it more often and working up to the duration you want.

I always go into new exercise things with the notion of "hey, I'm in good shape, so this'll be fine!" And my body is always like "WHAT THE **** YO, WE'VE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE!!"

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on 2/24/18 9:29 am
VSG on 03/01/18

I used to work out daily, jus loved the eliptical level 7 random. With my music blaring in my ears - it was like Heaven. Felt like jogging with no impact on knees. Jus had to relive it, I miss it! But my middle daughter is a personal trainer & she told me when u work ur muscles they tear. So for the workout to benefit u, u need torest a partcular amount of time.

you want to feel a burn not pain, PAIN means STOP. If u injure urself u won't b able to work out. It's amazing how used our bodies get to our worouts. We or u rather (i'm suppose to b in physical therapy) should change our work out routines. Thats y the p90x works so well, its changing up constantly. Lol, I just sit & watch my daughter do the P90x.. Like u go girl!

on 2/25/18 10:54 pm

Back when I started I live a sedentary lifestyle and the effect was twice exhausting for me trying to utilize my muscles.

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