Weekly workout March 24

on 3/24/19 3:52 pm
VSG on 08/23/16

So I fenced yesterday- not as well as I would have liked but still medalled at 7th. Hope everyone is having a better week than I am

Sunday - yoga 1 hour

Monday - fencing lesson and fencing 3 hours

Tuesday - Pilates 1 hour and Cross Fit (Squat max day) 1 hour

Wednesday - Fencing 3 hours

Thursday - Personal trainer 1 hour and Cross Fit (dead lift max day) 1 hour

Friday - Agility and abs

Saturday - Cross Fit

Sunday - Fencing Tournament

Ramping up for a national event in Salt Lake in mid-April.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Keep on losing!


HW 271.5 (April 2016) SW 246.9 (8/23/16) CW 158 (5/2/18)

on 3/25/19 6:20 am, edited 3/28/19 11:15 pm - Jackson, TN
RNY on 04/17/15

So I drove to GA this Saturday after working until noon (6 hour drive) then woke up on Sunday, ran 12 miles, met with family, did my grandmothers taxes, ate lunch and then drove home. I didnt get home until 830pm..decided I needed the rest more than the swim/cycle..

Monday-Day off

Tuesday-Ran 5 today---hip/leg/groin combo of hell wasnt feeling good...9:24..47:57

Wednesday-Another just "Swim" day..did a few laps then did scissor kicks in the warm pool followed by some "chillaxing" in the hot tub....tried to just stretch out my groin/hip/leg combo pain thingy....

Thursday-Ran 5 miles..9:05..46:32..hurt but not injured..my new motto

Friday-leg hurt so just slept in

Saturday-may cycle if the weather holds out


Height=5"4' Age=49 RNY=04/17/2015

HW=285, CW=205, LW=197, GW=195

My exercise motto-Further or faster!!!

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