Which is a better workout? Recumbent bike or treadmill?

on 5/3/19 2:47 pm
RNY on 06/28/18

Which is a better workout? Assuming you do the same amount of time, a treadmill or a recumbent bike?

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RNY on 04/17/15

Of course Im no expert, but your question is lacking details. Are you simply walking on a treadmill? running? using incline? etc..

on a stationary bike, how far are you going? how fast?

In my experience, only because I run, I always get a "better" workout on the treadmill even though I cant stand it, ie I burn more calories. The only issue for me is that on a treadmill, you are constantly hitting the same spot on your foot and it cause cause injuries or at least it does on me. I 1000% prefer running outside regardless.

If im just "riding" a bike, my workout isnt great because I just go and then after 20 minutes or so I get bored, however, if I take a really good spin class and I push myself, it can be draining.

So I guess what Im saying is it really depends on you.

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on 5/14/19 2:04 pm
RNY on 06/28/18

Thank you for your input!

on 5/6/19 7:46 am
VSG on 08/23/16

So long as you are exerting the same amount of effort, they are the same. 500 calories on the recumbent bike is the same as 500 calories on the treadmill. I prefer the recumbent bike because I have bad knees and it is more comfortable for my pain range.

Keep on losing!


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on 5/14/19 8:13 am
RNY on 10/17/17

I tend to get a better workout on the treadmill, probably because I like a treadmill more. I vary my speed and incline throughout for more of a "HIIT" kind of workout.

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on 5/14/19 2:05 pm
RNY on 06/28/18

I love to walk and hike so I'm leaning toward the treadmill.


on 8/7/19 2:28 am

Recumbent bike and treadmill both are good for the workout. You should check out both uses & benefits then take the decision which is better for the workout. You can get ideas from here.

For Treadmill Benefits of Treadmill & Recumbent Bike Recumbent Bike Workouts for Beginners. I hope those will be helped you a lot to make the decision. Thanks

on 8/7/19 1:59 pm

Knitter215 is correct. I asked my exercise counselor the same question and she said either would give you the same results. Since you want to keep your heart rate between 115-125 for weight loss it doesn't matter which one you do. I like to mix it up to keep from getting board.

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