Weekly Workout 05/20/2019

on 5/20/19 6:30 am, edited 5/24/19 6:11 am - Jackson, TN
RNY on 04/17/15

So, I completed my first Olympic Open water Triathlon..Im still battling a hip injury and even though I got an injection on Wednesday, it didnt really help.

However, it was so much fun...and I learned so much. #1. Its very hard to sight without glasses. In training I could pick out something big but here, the buoys were so far down the lake, I couldnt find them until I was fairly close so I know I was all over the place as far as "line of sight". But, I swam in 41 minutes so I was pleased. #2 I knew I needed more work on transitions and if my hip gets fixed and when I do another, I will definitely practice. #3 Untie your running shoes (totally forgot) #4 Bring a change of clothes (seems dumb but again, totally slipped my mind). Besides that, everything went about as I expected. The run was horrible (the hills were worse than anything I ever could have imagined and not being able to run of course hurt). The cycle I actually made up a lot of time 18.1..that part of the course was fairly flat..I was very pleased with the cycle..

With all that being said, I wanted to finish in under 3:30 and I got 3:25:02 (dead last in my age division..ughh)..so overall, I was pleased with my results..

Monday and Tuesday-Rest/recover days

Wed-cycle today--20.53 miles..15.9 mph..pretty easy spin..

Thurs-swam 1500 meters--44 min.

Fri-rode 20.51 miles..16.8 mph..

Sat..Volunteering at a water stop for a Half..

Height=5"4' Age=49 RNY=04/17/2015

HW=285, CW=205, LW=197, GW=195

My exercise motto-Further or faster!!!

on 5/20/19 4:57 pm - Canada

Way to go and nothing wrong being last in your age group. This was your first and a big learning experience I was going to tell you how set up your stuff for transition but with you saying it was going to rain i thought forget it. like your helmet have straps laying open and the open part up so you can just put on your head. I put my glasses in them to keep safe. than shoes laces open with socks on. than riding shoes and socks.

By the way you can get goggles with lens in them. i buy mine at a swimming store. to buy from an eye place to much money if need i can see if this place ships to the states but i am sure there is places there that sell them.

Monday was a run and walk

Tue strength training

wed master swim

thursday run

friday barre class

saturday run

sunday walk for brain tumor

on 5/21/19 6:38 am - Jackson, TN
RNY on 04/17/15

I have actually done some research on finding some goggles like that. I am also going to get some laces for my running shoes (cant remember what they are called but I guess they are like zip ties).

Funny thing is, it only rained on the way up there and stayed dry for the whole race. It actually was pretty cool until I got to the running leg then it got hot.

However, it looks like I will be on the shelf for awhile because my Ortho doctor is trying to get me in to Nashville to have an arthroscopic surgery done on my hip. Im sure it will have me out for a while which means for the 2nd year in a row, my trip to Chicago will get cancelled. ughhhh

Height=5"4' Age=49 RNY=04/17/2015

HW=285, CW=205, LW=197, GW=195

My exercise motto-Further or faster!!!

on 5/21/19 6:27 pm - Canada

it is important to get that hip looked at. you could do tri still until you get in. my friend husband can not run so he does a duel he swims and bikes. not hard on the hip. they do offer it and that way you can get stronger in the swim . Just a thought

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