NordicTrack Flex Strider

on 11/21/19 12:44 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

Has anyone used the flex strider? Supposedly it lets you do stairclimber, elliptical and treadmill all on the same equipment by simply changing your stride. I am also curious if anyone has any experience with their iFit coaching program/feedback on their graphics (they indicate that if you're doing the climber, they can make it seem like you're climbing the steps at the Acropolis or if you're doing the rower (which I'm also thinking about so if anyone has any feedback on rowers) they can make it seem like you're cruising the Thames. I am curious but skeptical.

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on 11/22/19 1:28 pm - Jackson, TN
RNY on 04/17/15

Not me..sounds cool though

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on 12/16/19 3:40 pm, edited 12/16/19 7:41 am

Sorry, I am just seeing this! Do you mean the Free Strider? I've used one of them and I like it quite a bit. The elliptical isn't my favorite piece of cardio equipment but this one was nice that you were able to do three different variations of exercise (elliptical, treadmill, and stair stepper). I read a few reviews at this website and tested one out at a friend's house. I ultimately decided to get a treadmill but thought this machine was still awesome. Let me know if you have any follow up questions.

on 12/29/19 2:58 pm

My gym has something like this but it was made by Precor. I really liked it BUT you had to decide the type of stride and keep it that way all on your own power. Meaning, if I wanted to do the stairclimber aspect I had to high march. Nothing was there (mechanically or resistance wise) to stop me from converting my stride to run. If I got tired or didnt pay attention I would find myself doing the elliptical/running which was counter productive to my goal of stair climbining to improve my glutes. (|). Ok, now that I had that moment of immaturity! :) Seriously I liked the machine, but only very few people used it. At my gym about 44% gravitated towards the elliptical, with the majority of remainder going to the dreadmill and the a sprinkling towards the stairclimber. It was low impact just like the elliptical. Although I had no measurements to support this subjective observation, I found it to have LESS impact/jarring than the elliptical. Probably because there are no set tracks/hydralics forcing you to keep the predetermined stride.

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on 1/9/20 2:34 pm

Just to confirm I think you're referring to the NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer. I don't own one but my friend does and I've used it in his basement many times. It has a totally open stride so you can stretch out as much as you want rather than being constrained to the typical 18" or 20" on a regular elliptical trainer. iFit is pretty cool too. It's free for a year then you have to pay a monthly fee. But you can choose any location you want in Google maps and it's as if you are there working out. Pretty cool!

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